My Skin Struggles (Part 1)

My Skin Struggles (Part 1)

Hello, hello and Happy Friday!!! I started writing this WEEKS ago and have been chipping away at it.  I’ve been a lot busier lately (I work part time at a local boutique, do some content creation for Stephen’s company, and just started repping for an incredible nutrition company) so Maya UnMarketed has been on the back burner.

ASOS’ Bag Game is So Strong Right Now

ASOS bags

{My feature image is a screenshot of part of the widget… Go down to shop! 🙂 }   I think I may be moving in the direction of some shorter posts. My internet marketer Mister always told me that was optimal anyway, but it can be tough since my natural style is more long-winded. Like most English Majors/writers, I JUST LOVE ME SOME WORDS.

Dear Refinery 29, You Should Be Ashamed of Your Recent Gigi Hadid Diet Article

Dear Refinery 29, You Should Be Ashamed of Your Recent Gigi Hadid Diet Article

I try to keep my blog a positive place, but I am just SO OVER the constant Food Fibbing in our pop culture. And it just so happened that a recent article by Refinery 29 entitled “This is Exactly How Gigi Hadid Dines on a Normal Day” (which was probably so far from the truth we should realistically call it a spoof or satire piece) was the straw that broke this camel’s poor tired back.

A Little Love Note to St. Pete

A Little Love Note to St. Pete

I have this theory that you can have chemistry with places in the same way you can have it with people.   This chemistry was the reason why (after two trips to The University of Florida, trying really hard to like it, and knowing my grades and SATs would probably get me in) I told my mom “THIS IS IT!!! I’m home!” within 30 seconds of setting my foot on The Florida State University’s campus. I was so sure, I didn’t even apply anywhere else. Sometimes you can’t explain things. You just have to feel them.  

Best of Labor Day Sales

Best of Labor Day Sales | Maya UnMarketed

{{Dress is now only $13.90}} I have such mixed feelings about holiday shopping in general… Labor Day, Black Friday, the bazillion different Christmas/holiday related sales. On the one hand, I want to spend each holiday the way they should be spent: with family, great food, and a large glass of wine. Or in the case of Labor Day, maybe a nice midday daiquiri– YUM!

New Apartment Moodboard!

New Apartment Moodboard! | Maya UnMarketed

Well, well, well…  Look at me getting another post up during this supposedly *busy* week!!  I guess I can’t pat myself on the back too hard, since this is basically the easiest move in the history of moves. (Stephen and I sold all our furniture when we left SF, plus my mom already took a couple boxes down.)

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