Trying Not to Kiss the Man of My Dreams // A Love Story

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I’ve been trying to write about Stephen since before April 9th. I wanted to write him a birthday post, but writing about him gets overwhelming. As I said way back in the post of our weddingย video, trying to put our love story or my feelings for him into words is a bit like trying to recreate the Mona Lisa with a 12-pack of Crayolas. I never feel like I’m doing him or our love story justice.

Two LIFE CHANGING Skin Products

Two LIFE CHANGING Skin Products | Maya UnMarketed - Selfie with no makeup

You guys. I was going to wait until I’d been using these products a little longer before writing this post, but I almost feel guilty if I don’t share these skincare goldmines as fast as humanly possible. I know that sounds dramatic, but… I am dramatic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses

Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses | Maya UnMarketed

[Love this dapper hubs… andย this dress!] Hi and Happy WEDDING SEASON!!! I’m just dropping in to share a couple beautiful and wallet-friendly outfits for what remains of this wedding season. This post was in part inspired by the fact that when I posted this instagram, someone pretty much immediately bought the modern yet classicย black and gold trapeze dress.

My Skin Struggles (Part 2)

My Skin Struggles (Part 2) | Maya UnMarketed

This post is a continuation of My Skin Struggles (Part 1). I used a selfie as my featured image then, so I’m just going to do the same again! I was going to stage some kind of picture of me taking my Accutane pill, but it’s taken forever to get this post finishedย and in the wise words of Nike, I wanted to JUST DO IT.ย 

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