Two LIFE CHANGING Skin Products

Two LIFE CHANGING Skin Products | Maya UnMarketed - Selfie with no makeup

You guys.

I was going to wait until I’d been using these products a little longer before writing this post, but I almost feel guilty if I don’t share these skincare goldmines as fast as humanly possible. I know that sounds dramatic, but… I am dramatic. 😉

In all seriousness, look at my skin. I took this just now, after doing nothing more than crawl out of bed and throw on my robe. I know it may look like regular, not-bad-but-also-not-earthshatteringly-amazing skin to some people, but keep in mind this is a face that has been through some tough times!

(If you’re new here, check out My Skin Struggles Part 1 and My Skin Struggles Part 2!)

It started with this YouTube video a couple weeks ago.

Hearing Sarah’s story hit close to home because it’s similar in some ways to mine, minus my not having her more serious health problem, thank God. It–and the update video!–also reinvigorated me to find alternative solutions to modern medicine. Don’t get me wrong, modern medicine is great. But it also has a time and a place. Sometimes it treats the symptom rather than the root cause. Sometimes it simply doesn’t get the job fully and/or permanently done.

As I mentioned in Health Links I Love, I got a few small pimples after ending Accutane. I think that’s normal as your body adjusts to not being on the meds; I’ve heard of other people going through the same thing. But I wasn’t thrilled about it, especially given my history. Nevertheless, I decided to get off the birth control pill too– another thing I knew could potentially lead to more acne if I didn’t go on the health warpath. Yes, “health warpath” sounds a bit ironic. But also fitting.

The “To BC or Not to BC” Free Write may have been long and rambling, but it helped clear my mind so much!! I went back and read it last night, and I realized how much I subconsciously already knew what I wanted when I was debating. Also thank you for the far higher than expected amount of Facebook likes when I shared it on my personal account. As I mentioned in the blog post itself, I definitely had some insecurities about it, such as the fear that it was boring and/or rude at certain points and/or TMI all at the same time. So I appreciated the readership and support a little extra on that one. <3 

As you know, YouTube tailors it’s suggestions to what you seem to like, so a few weeks later… drumroll please… THIS VIDEO came up in my feed. I think my jaw hit my desk when I saw that thumbnail. I mean, WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!

I have to warn you, the video is long and dense. Even though I’m sitting here recommending it, I’ve honestly only watched about 20 minutes of the 30. But that’s in part because I already took one of the recommendations and my skin is doing so well I don’t even feel compelled to watch the rest!!! At least not right this minute. I probably will at some point just to learn the rest of the information.

In the aforelinked video (see, Stephen! No double outgoing links around here!) by Organic Olivia, the part about the zinc jumped out at me because a few members of The Skinny Confidential Secret FB Group also recommended it on various threads.

Since at this point my interest had been piqued more than once, I bought the Puritan’s Pride brand from Amazon and






If you have bad skin, or even just mediocre skin, I highly recommend trying it. It’s cheap, at your door in two days if you have Prime (Prime is life!), and if it works even a fraction as well for you as it has for me these past 3 weeks, you’ll consider your new zinc to be eight dollars extremely well-spent.

Okay moving on to the second thing.

I’ve been curious about hyaluronic acid since both my mom and one of my friends mentioned it. I feel like I get all my health/wellness/fitness/beauty tips from the same two ladies and I ain’t mad about it because they know their stuff.


And I guess I know my stuff too, to a degree. I do spend my fair share of time poking around the internet, reading reviews, educating myself and ordering random things like herbal adderall (also recommend lol).


I hadn’t even mentioned it, but I’d had a bit of hyperpigmentation appear on my forehead about two months ago.

Hyper pigmentation selfie, pre BAEbody

I wear this white top a lot– one of those Forever 21 finds that sold out like 2 days after I got it and I never got a chance to post anywhere. But I have similar options linked here!

I took this no-makeup selfie for my agency while at a car dealership. (The work day was over and they were away from their computer system but needed a pic for a client.) As you can see, the hyper pigmentation isn’t severe, but definitely noticeable.

Scroll back up and look how faint it is in my featured image!!! I bet you didn’t even notice it in that one! Not to mention that since the hyperpigmentation was a little darker than the white blouse selfie indicates (shoutout to Crown Nissan for the decent natural lighting!), the photos don’t even do the transformation full justice.

Only. Two. Uses.

As a proud member of the Instant Gratification Generation, I can’t help but love the immediacy! 😉

Sooo obviously I recommend my new BAE [body]!!! What a name though, right? I wonder if they launched before or after “BAE” became a thing… It sounds kinda comical rather than soothing and chic like the names beauty companies usually have. But if it is indeed an intentional nod to the pop culture “BAE,”  it fits the whole “try not to take yourself too seriously” mindset I’ve been trying on for size recently. 😉

Okay that’s all for now. Also just a friendly reminder that my snapchat is mayaes and my insta is @mayaetrevathan! I hung out the other day with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen since college and she remarked on me not posting since April of last year. A lot of people follow my old insta and I’m trying to build up the new one.

All the insta weirdness has a story that I’ll tell one day… but today is not that day.

Speaking of days, I hope you had an amazing Tuesday!

I just had to edit “have” to “had” because I was going to share this post this morning, but instead prioritized my mom’s birthday status! 🙂

xox Maya


Here are some other products I use and love (although I didn’t dilute the face bleach with oil or lotion the other day and it turned me BRIGHT red…but that was my bad), including a zinc-based sunscreen I’m obsessed with, a different sunscreen that makes your face super dewey, the tbt-to-highschool blackhead strips that I’ve rediscovered and more. 🙂