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A peek inside Amateur Chef Maya’s healthy kitchen…

Power Smoothie Bowl

Did anyone read the kids’ book The Mudflat Olympics when they were little? If you didn’t, let me catch you up to speed: the animals are competing in (you guessed it!) the Mudflat Olympics and the antagonist is a really competitive machiavellian crocodile named Crocker. He plays dirty to win and as he crosses the finish line: “‘HOORAY FOR CROCKER!!!’ shouted Crocker.” 

Aloe Chia Detox Pudding

Aloe Chia Detox Pudding

When I was a kid in Key West, we had aloe plants. My mom would break off the fat juicy leaves and spread the gel on my skin whenever I’d gotten a little too much sun. Sometimes a bit of aloe juice would find its way from my arms or face to my six-year-old tastebuds. YUCK. Accidentally ingesting that bitter stuff was enough to wreck my day, or at least ten minutes of it. Which is a long time when you’re six.