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Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses

Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses | Maya UnMarketed

[Love this dapper hubs… and this dress!] Hi and Happy WEDDING SEASON!!! I’m just dropping in to share a couple beautiful and wallet-friendly outfits for what remains of this wedding season. This post was in part inspired by the fact that when I posted this instagram, someone pretty much immediately bought the modern yet classic black and gold trapeze dress.

Pineapple Tank

Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple Tank

Forever 21 men’s section, we meet again!!! Ever since I grabbed my weird yet awesome gorilla sweatshirt this past winter (here’s an insta of me in it!), I’ve enjoyed perusing the Forever 21 men’s section from time to time. Have you guys ever scooped anything good from there, too?!

Black Midi Dress

Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketed

[Dress $22! {during today’s flash sale!} / Shoes $28] I’m so excited about today’s outfit!! I bought my elegant black midi dress¬†a couple months¬†ago for my friend Avery’s wedding and have been loving it ever since!

Overalls in Asheville

Overalls in Asheville | Maya UnMarketed

Good morning!! How’s everyone’s week after the holiday weekend going? Stephen and I had a fun Fourth of July! His siblings, dad, and stepmom-to-be¬†are here this week¬†and we’re all having a blast! My sister-in-law Devon just adopted a new puppy and Ruby’s¬†the absolute sweetest. She’s 10 months old and a rhubarb color (which inspired the name “Ruby”!) with¬†those endearing bat ears that some dogs have.¬†I’ve definitely called her “Dobby” a time or two. ūüėČ

Navy Striped Romper

Navy Striped Romper | Maya UnMarketed

I have a question: When did things become “stripe” instead of “striped”? Or “scallop” instead of “scalloped,” etc.? As a lifelong language lover and {recovering} Creature of Habit, I couldn’t¬†help but notice the shift during recent perusals of other blogs and of course online shopping sites. At some point in recent-ish history things became double nouns (“stripe” and “romper”) instead of adjectives followed by nouns (“striped romper”). Or maybe the stripes rebelled against being portrayed in the past tense?!?

Flirty Florals

Flirty Florals | Maya UnMarketed

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sorry I couldn’t resist using such a circa 2008¬†Seventeen Magazine¬†title. (Is it just me or was everything in all those issues of Cosmo Girl, Teen Vogue,¬†etc. “flirty”?)