Upcoming Event Looks and 20% Off Dresses

Upcoming Event Looks and 20% Off Dresses | Maya UnMarketed Red dress and kitten heels

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a hot minute knows ASOS is my favorite, and I wanted to let everyone know they have a lot of dresses marked down 20% right now!!!!

This red tulle dress is another runner-up for my stepbrother-in-law’s wedding (I bought it, the green one I posted on Instagram the other day and the pink satin dress I’m actually going to wear, and returned the first two). Those free returns are so nice!

I had some trouble parting with the red dress. The green one’s sleeves were too short and the pleats were a little bent, so even though it was more of a typical *Maya look* it was a definite return. The red one was less my style, but you know the feeling when you’re more drawn to something because it’s not exactly like what you’d usually go for? Like when someone gives you a gift you’d never buy for yourself and it unexpectedly becomes your favorite item.

Upcoming Event Looks and 20% Off Dresses | Maya UnMarketed Red dress and kitten heels

Here are some other wedding guest options I love!

I also have a few other events coming up, so last night I ordered a bunch of options for the various occasions. I’m taking Stephen to dinner on his birthday weekend and I’m hoping one of these two will work out:

My man loves rompers and jumpsuits! Here are the two I have on the way plus some more cute ones:

These are my Easter options. I know the black and white polka dot isn’t necessarily Easter-y and I kept deleting it from my cart… but then re-adding it. We will see how it looks. And I just love the delicate retro mint chiffon number! Of course, I added some other Easter looks for variety:

Last but not least, I have two awards ceremonies coming up for work. The first is cocktail attire and I ordered these options. Not sure what the attire is for the second, but it’s not until the end of April. (I know this one is maybe a little quirky for a work event, but I’m obsessed and my jaw dropped when I saw it was only $20!)

I also snagged this pretty gold cage purse for the wedding and award ceremonies (if it fits my phone) and drop waist number just for life. 😉

I still need to get my left ear, which grew closed after an allergic reaction last year, re-pierced, or I would have 110% bought these. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to go do it… I’m not really sure why, but if anyone knows of an especially clean St. Pete piercing place you’d recommend, please let me know!

One more thing before I go– do you guys think I could pull off this haircut?!? I’m going to cut at least 3 inches off on Saturday but part of me wants to do more…



p.s. I thrifted these shoes at the 4th street Salvation Army for $8!!!

Upcoming Event Looks and 20% Off Dresses | Maya UnMarketed Red dress and kitten heels