4 Health Links I Love

4 Health Links I Love | Maya UnMarketed

Hi and Happy Sunday!!!

Recently I’ve experienced a renewed vigor for my health and wellness journey, and I wanted to share some of the products and articles that have helped spark that.

Link(s) 1- Gelatin Goldmine

So this is obviously more than one link, but they’re all from the same blog and all have to do with gelatin/collagen, so I’m counting them as one. The other night, I spent a good hour and a half reading, watching, and pinning this goldmine of information (among other things):

Lauryn from TSC is so much fun, and I trust her recommendations. I’ve followed her for awhile now and she is definitely NOT a blogger who will jump on any sponsorship or promote any type of laxative “skinny tea” nonsense. I’ve never been disappointed by any of her recs, so after reading all these I decided I definitely needed some gelatin in my life.

I had been curious about getting collagen or pearl powder (also a favorite of Lauryn’s) at some point, but once I learned that gelatin has a ton of collagen in it, I decided to do that. Lauryn links out to several different options over the course of the five posts, and I went for this one because:

  • It has the most bang for your buck (only by a little, but still)
  • I liked the idea of a powder over capsules
    • Whenever I get something new to put in my smoothies, I get excited to make them frequently, and I consider this extra health motivation/excitement an overall bonus

I may still buy the capsules as a backup for days I’m super busy though… or days I’m just having a cheat day foodwise and don’t make a smoothie but still want my gelatin fix.

The best part was that my mom’s reaction when I told her I’d just ordered gelatin was “Oh my gosh! Thank you for reminding me of gelatin! I used to take that all the time. Please order me one too!” (Stephen and I have like 27 family members’ cards on our Prime account haha). Speaking of people whose health and beauty recs I trust, MY MOM IS ONE OF THEM.

My mom was into health and wellness long, loonnnggg before it became trendy. Basically the Original Hipster. She was feeding me tofu sauce pasta (she used to make this absolutely drool worthy tofu-based alfredo), avocado-sprout sandwiches on whole grain, and those inside out cubed mango halves back in the early 90s when everyone was living off Gushers and spray cans of cheese. #mombrag #hiMamisorryIusedtowhineaboutit

And it’s paying off, too. Anyone who’s met my mom is probably nodding because she looks GOOD. Not to mention feels good!

Anyway, my mom’s positive comment and gelatin order was an extra seal on a deal that had already been made. It definitely affirmed my purchase and made me even more excited for my gelatin to arrive.

I have to say so far I’ve noticed more of a difference in my hair than skin. It’s a lot silkier. My skin has been looking good too, but I also just finished Accutane (YASSS) so it’s hard to tell the two variables apart. In fact, I’m sure being off it had positively impacted my hair silkiness too.

But I’ve been off Accutane two weeks and three days, and the first week I was not yet using the gelatin, the second I was. And both my skin and hair were better the second week.

The first week I actually had two or three tiny pimples, which I think was just my skin’s knee-jerk reaction to stopping the drug. It took extreme self-control to not have an 3-year-old style temper tantrum, because at this point I feel like I have been through enough skin problems and am just ready to have skin that looks like satin and a baby’s butt and Candice Swanepoel. Is that really too much to ask for? 😉

So anyway, who knows if Week 2’s better skin and hair was the gelatin or the Accutane being further out of my system. It’s hard to realistically review a product you’ve only been using a little over a week anyway, but I’m so excited about it that I wanted to share it ASAP!

I hope you enjoy the links! Keep me posted on whether Lauryn convinces you to buy gelatin too!

Link 2- My Blender

This is my

I’ll be real with you guys; I’m way too frugal to have gotten a nice blender for myself, when a $28 one can make smoothies, shakes, and pureed soups too. This one was a wedding gift from my best friend!

But now that I have one, let me tell you how much you WANT a good blender. Bye, annoying bits of ice or stubborn stringy pieces of kale. The more you enjoy your blending experience and subsequent healthy meal, the more you will want to keep living the healthy life!

Link 3- A Medical Article I Wrote

I wrote this article for a clinical research client of Stephen’s company:

When I was doing the research for this, it kind of blew my mind. I’d always thought of my stomach and digestive tract as “that thing that breaks down food.” I had no idea that your gut makes up the majority of your FREAKING IMMUNE SYSTEM. One of my resources said 70% and one said 80%, so I just said “majority” in the article but WOW.

I remember before I got into health and wellness, I used to think “eating healthily” was code for “staying skinny.” I’d totally roll my eyes when some size 2 blogger talked about how she’d had a carb-and-wine-heavy weekend and was ready to start her week with a green smoothie because she was “feeling tired and I just feel sooo much better when I eat right.”

Bitch, please. You want to stay skinny; let’s call a spade a spade, I always thought.

But now I totally get it.

I mean, yeah, there are an eff-ton of people lying on the internet about their food habits. For example, the blogger’s “carb-and-wine-heavy weekend” might have been half a serving of tortellini at a fancy Italian place that already had small servings because that’s what fancy restaurants do, and an accompanying single glass of Chianti. And who knows, maybe she eats so well that was genuinely a cheat meal to her and she wasn’t even trying to lie. Regardless, none of that is here nor there, nor really my business at the end of the day.

The point is that food is medicine.

I don’t want to be that annoying preachy Health Girl, or imply that I’m anywhere near perfect. Or imply that we should even strive for perfect. I think we should strive for balance and to be honest, I’m not (yet!) amazing at it either. But this article helped my nutritional balance these past two weeks since I wrote it!

Health articles like the ones I used as resources for that article positively my mindset because they are a reminder that your gut (and the foods you put in there!) will impact so, so, SO much more than the size of your jeans.

I know for me, simply wanting to be skinny isn’t always enough motivation, even as a model. I definitely have my days where I’m like, “Stephen likes it when I have a booty so I WILL eat these 37 mini cookies at this party.” ……..and I WILL regret it tomorrow. And feel guilty. And physically feel sluggish, too. And then go back on my healthy diet. And ride the stupid food rollercoaster.

If you’re at that party with more than one reason to not eat 37 cookies, such as your immune system, and your skin, and your energy levels, and so on and so forth, it’s easier to have that balance. As in, it’ll *only* be really really hard not to eat those cookies instead of really, really, really, REALLY hard haha. Ugh I just love that addictive, inflammatory, delicious stuff we call sugar so much. Anyone else?

Anyway, I hope you like my article almost as much as cookies! 😉

Link 4- GenTeal

Do you have dry eyes? Then you need to drive to Walgreens and pick up some of this goodness:

(Emphasis on “severe” added by me because GenTeal has a good bit of products and it could be easy to grab the wrong one.)

GenTeal was recommended to me by the same friend who gave me my awesome blender, actually. I was in my last 6 weeks of Accutane, and my even my hands-down favorite eyedrops were no longer getting the job done completely.

My friend’s doctor told her to put a stripe of GenTeal across her eye as the last thing she does before going to sleep, so she instructed me to do the same. It’s a bit hard for me to keep each eye open for the duration of the strip application because the feeling of something hitting my eye really makes me want to blink. But the more successful you are about getting it onto your eyeball as opposed to into your eyelashes, that more you will feel like you have BRAND NEW EYES the next day.

As I said, I’m done with Accutane now, but I still like to use it on nights before I have a shoot or show the next day. I still get itchy, dry-ish eyes sometimes and just like to feel extra fresh and awake on days it counts. That being said, I don’t use it every day because I don’t want my eyes to get addicted to it and start producing less of their own moisture.


Okay, I think that’s it for now!

I was originally going to include a total of 5 links, but I can’t decide on a 5th one. I was actually debating between two, but neither feels right at the moment. The first was Charli Howard’s instagram, because it helps me stay body positive, but I’d really just like to write a whole post about my #girlcrush sometime in the future.

The second was my knockoff fascia blaster, but even though I love it so far, I haven’t used it enough to really talk about the results. I mean let’s be real, I was only really able to give a half-review for the gelatin I’ve been using 8 days. Although in my defense, Link 1 was more about Lauryn’s cool articles than my personal experience. 

Stephen and I are having such a wonderful weekend! Friday night we went out with friends and then yesterday we had a decadent “Publix Picnic” at my MIL and stepFIL’s pool. They were out of town so it felt a bit like a day date at a resort!! Our picnic consisted of fruit salad, pork pate’, blue cheese, fish and cheese dip, sourdough, a baguette, and kombucha-gin-lime cocktails (inspired by my own insta caption musings the other day haha).

I meannnn is that living right or what?!

After swimming and feasting, Stephen changed the headlights on our Altima, which he wanted to do in their driveway because his stepdad had some tools he needed and it’s bigger and more lounge-able than our apartment’s parking spot. When I say “lounge-able,” it’s because I was lounging with my drink and of course documenting the process on Snapchat. 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!!

xox Maya