Dear Refinery 29, You Should Be Ashamed of Your Recent Gigi Hadid Diet Article

Dear Refinery 29, You Should Be Ashamed of Your Recent Gigi Hadid Diet Article

I try to keep my blog a positive place, but I am just SO OVER the constant Food Fibbing in our pop culture.

And it just so happened that a recent article by Refinery 29 entitled “This is Exactly How Gigi Hadid Dines on a Normal Day(which was probably so far from the truth we should realistically call it a spoof or satire piece) was the straw that broke this camel’s poor tired back.

Dear Refinery 29, Gigi Hadid does not look more relatable or “girl next door” if we tell America’s young women she eats burgers and ice cream every day.

It’s just going to result in a bunch of confused fourteen-year-old fans who try to emulate her supposed behavior and end up unhealthy and overweight because of it… And then potentially even turn to unhealthy means of losing the weight when they don’t look like their idol.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with eating burgers and ice cream once or twice a week, but let’s NOT act like they’re what Gigi eats “ON A NORMAL DAY.”

Let’s be honest with America’s women. Let’s cut out the “I eat what I want and am accidentally a size two” nonsense. For those of you who are fit or thin and get asked what you do, consider taking the time to be honest with your friend, relative, or the random tipsy stranger in the bathroom. I know that cotton candy flavored ice cream is more instagrammable than your veggie saute, but at least maybe caption it “cheat day!”? I mean the team behind the gigi hadid instagram really needs to step up their game. Let’s stop perpetuating the notion that some girls “just got lucky” or that it’s somehow cooler to be the girl who eats whatever she wants. And let’s stop believing it when publications like Refinery 29 (which, for the record, I usually love and am just very disappointed in today!) try to push this mindset on us.

Diet and body image are already incredibly tough topics. Lying about how to be lean is only going to create more obesity, and potentially even more eating disorders too.

Let’s start inspiring healthy living, Refinery 29!!! (And everyone else partaking in this detrimentally debonaire Food Fibbing!) People will stop trusting your publications if deep down they know you’re feeding them lies.

Ironically, one of my favorite quotes comes from Gigi herself:

“Eat clean to stay fit, and eat a burger to stay sane.”

Let’s not forget about eating clean most of the time. And when we do, let’s not lie and say we don’t. The Hashtag No Filter Hashtag I Woke Up Like This trend might be harmless when it comes to *no makeup* selfies where you may or may not have been wearing a swipe of mascara. But it’s extremely harmful when it comes to food.

(Check out this article for another example of Food Fibbing surrounding models.)

For the sake of America’s young women, for the sake of our younger sisters, for the sake of our fragile twelve year-old neighbors, for the sake of our future daughters (or actual daughters!), for the sake of the women you love… let’s not lie anymore. For your own sake, please don’t believe the lies.

Let’s not be ashamed of the days we eat burgers and fries and ice cream and then some more fries to balance out the sweet ice cream and then more ice cream to wash down the salt of the fries. We all have our days, and I’m sure Gigi is no exception. Let’s be honest about those days too!

But overall, let’s try to do better. Our bodies aren’t pawns in the claws of fate. Gigi didn’t just get lucky. She’s working her ass off. And let’s stop perpetuating the idea that there’s ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Who’s with me???

xx Maya

P.s. Whether today is a day you’re working off junk food (it actually is for me! I threw a party last night and have been feasting on leftover bagels and chocolate covered graham crackers– something I DON’T do every day) or you’re running on clean green fuel…

These are cute 🙂 I have the black satin hat and love wearing it on my power walks!