My P90x Experience!

Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review


As you can tell, I am pretty darn proud of myself and my husband for completing this grueling 90-day workout regimen. I’m super excited to share our experience with you!

Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

Schedule Overview

P90x is a 90-day home workout program that basically follows this schedule:

Day 1: Weights for a certain muscle groupMaya UnMarketed | P90x Review

Day 2: Plyometrics (jump training)

Day 3: Weights for a certain muscle group

Day 4: Yoga

Day 5: Weights for a certain muscle group

Day 6: Kenpo (a marshall art like kickboxing)

Day 7: Very, very gentle stretching session OR rest day


That’s the schedule it follows for 3 weeks out of the month!

Then week 4 is *allegedly* the rest week. It is the absolute LEAST restful “rest week” of your life haha. During week 4, you don’t use any weights but you still take tough classes that include lots of cardio and body weight resistance moves. However, instead of only getting one rest/stretch days, you get two! Lifesaver!!

If you ever do the program, I highly recommend you do the gentle stretch instead of just skipping the video! It’s the gentlest, most peaceful stretching routine and feels so good after a week of brutal work. At first we were resistant to “waste a whole hour” on stretching and skipped the X Stretch video, but when we started doing it, we realized it’s so, so worth it. Sometimes Stephen and I even did the stretch video AND then took a full rest day the following day.

Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

Our Personal Experience

Stephen and I both loved p90X!!

We both saw some pretty awesome results and had fun doing it together. In fact, we are going to start the program all over again– beginning today!

Here are some of the things that are awesome about the program:


Tony, the leader of the videos, likes to emphatically yell “Variety is the spice of life!!!” and we definitely found that to be so true. Not only does the variety yield amazing results physically, but it keeps things lively!

Often over breakfast, Stephen would say, “Are you ready for [Name of Workout] later today?!” and we’d either dread it or look forward to it, depending on what was on that day’s schedule. Kenpo was my favorite and Shoulders and Arms was Stephen’s!


I think Stephen and I both feel like Tony is our new best friend; we’ve legit had conversations about how we want to meet him one day haha. Tony is the perfect combination of motivational yet compassionate. His motto is, “Do your best and forget the rest!” and he zestfully pronounces this philosophy at least two times per video!

I love that he urges you to push yourself, but also reassures you that fitness takes time and that you should feel good about yourself no matter where you are on the ongoing journey. Also, he is absolutely hilarious!


The Trevathan family is feeling pretty sexy these days! 😉

I can’t include the official “Before” pictures we took right before we began the program, because I’m in thong undies in a grotesquely messy post-move house. However the picture below, which was taken about a year and a half ago, is pretty similar. As you can tell, I’m thin but I do not have much of a butt “ledge.”

Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

I also don’t really weigh myself so I can’t tell you a Before and After weight. You might be surprised to hear that, but in the modeling industry your measurements are way more important than the number on the scale. Plus as you probably already know, muscle weighs more than fat!

What I CAN tell you is this:

My butt is lifted up higher than it’s ever been and my “ledge” (the area where your booty hits your thighs) is much more defined. That had been my “problem area” my whole life. I was never athletic growing up, and my arms were bony little things that couldn’t gain weight no matter what I ate. My body literally sent every single fat cell to my thighs and butt, creating a pillowy, jiggly result. Once I made reference to being “pear shaped” and one of my college friends was like, “No, girl, it’s more like an apple on a stick!” haha.

Stephen always loved my “apple on a stick” body, but I personally wished my butt were more toned. I didn’t like how certain outfits looked on me and I struggled with some cellulite. I always felt disempowered though. I thought, “This is how my body *naturally* is and I can’t do anything to change where I gain weight…”Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

The photo above is me about two and a half years ago, when I was just starting to get into working out a little more. When I say “more,” I mean I’d started jogging 2 miles instead of 3/4 of a mile and was maybe doing some more crunches. I am definitely already a little thinner than I was in college, but as you can tell, I have zero “ledge” in this photo. (Sorry the file is messed up; my computer crashed badly about 6 months ago! Stephen always told me I needed to back up my stuff on an external hard drive and it stayed on the bottom of my To-Do list… lesson learned.)

When I was in college, I would look at other girls’ “ledges” with envy as they paraded around the FSU campus in their spandex. I didn’t understand why I didn’t look like that.

Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review
The FSU campus in a nutshell haha. So much LEDGE!!! Image borrowed from the Modelinia instagram account!

I now realize my lack of a “ledge” was because I wasn’t hitting the weights or doing anything except cardio and a maybe handful of sit-ups. At the time, I thought my skinny arms were “elegant” and I didn’t feel the need to change them. I just wanted to change my darn butt and thighs!
Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

The thing is though, if you don’t work out your upper body too, you won’t get the results you want– including on your lower body! And even though it’s great that I was accepting of my skinny arms at the time, I now definitely feel that they were too thin and weak. Having skin-and-bone arms isn’t “elegant” or healthy!

As you can see by the pictures above, P90X helped me sculpt the “ledge” that had always eluded me in the past!! I never thought I’d see the day I’d showcase my booty for the whole internet to see, in nothing but my cheeky swimsuit bottoms. (It IS a swimsuit, not underwear btw!!)

So excited to be ledge-ing it up!!! Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

I love that my body is now more proportionate, more muscular, and less “apple on a stick”-ish. 🙂

It’s also not just about looks; if someone ever tries to attack me in a dark alley, I’d be far more able to Kenpo Kick their ass! We tend to focus so much on looks when it comes to working out. I’m as guilty of that as anyone, especially given what I do for a living. HOWEVER, the stronger I get, the prouder I also get of what my body can do. We live in a sometimes-scary world, and I want to be able to protect myself if (God forbid) I was ever in a situation where I needed to.

I am proud to say I can now do non-knee pushups (not a lot of them, but still!) and can do a chin-up if I cheat by jumping just a litttllleee bit! 😉

Stephen–who has a much more athletic background than I do!–had been telling me for years I needed to lift weight and I was always such a resistant know-it-all. (“Babe you don’t get it,” “It’s different for women,” etc.) Toward the end of our time in SF, I had started to realize Stephen was right, and I let him personal train me a little bit. I was getting great results from his tutelage, but we got out of the routine when I left for Milan.

If you are harboring the same unfounded fear that I had, please, please don’t be afraid of “bulking up.” It is really hard for a woman to bulk up unless she is actively trying to do so. In fact, I tried as hard as I could to gain arm muscles during the past 90 days and though I made some major progress, my arms are still pretty skinny.

This was one of the big things that P90x taught me: you need to treat your WHOLE body right. You can’t JUST work the areas you want to change. It’s a beautiful, multi-dimensional journey of empowerment. Work out because you LOVE your body, not because you hate your body!!!Maya UnMarketed | P90x ReviewI know I went on a bit of a tangent there, but I think that P90x really helped me get over my arm muscle stubbornness. My arms and back are stronger than they have ever been!! I used to be so weak I couldn’t even do a yoga chaturanga; now I can do them easily. (FYI the P90X yoga class is the hardest yoga class I’ve EVER taken– and I’ve taken many yoga classes from myriad studios across the country.)

Ladies, your body is ONE beautiful creation! Every one of your muscle groups is important and deserves to be worked out.


One thing that Stephen and I also noticed (and loved) is that our metabolisms have revved up like BMWs on Maya UnMarketed | P90x Reviewthe autobahn!!!

We both noticed a SERIOUS metabolism spike. We have both been eating more calories and yet look leaner. It’s seriously the best! As you may already know, muscle mass is crucial to your metabolism. As our mass increased on P90X, so did our ability to BURN!

The more I exercise and eat healthily, the more I find myself genuinely craving good-for-me foods. Even Stephen, who is not necessarily a health food enthusiast, got more into hearty-yet-healthy combos such as chicken and brown rice while doing P90X.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll ever get too ridiculous about diet. I think some people do take it overboard these days. Life is made to be lived, and sometimes ice cream, pizza and wine need to be consumed!

I’ve also found that when I deprive myself of all “unhealthy” food, I’ll inevitably end up binging at some point (and feeling emotionally/physically terrible afterwards!). However, if I treat myself intentionally and lovingly, savoring the flavors, eating slowly, and leaving guilt behind, I stay more on-track (and more sane!) overall.

For example, I got the delicious banana-and-pecan pancakes pictured above during our lunch date at a cute old-fashioned diner last week. In the past I might’ve guiltily wolfed both and then skipped dinner but that’s SO bad for you. Instead, I only ate ONE of the two pancakes, and took the leftover pancake home for lunch the next day. I also had a healthy breakfast and dinner both days rather than skipping meals OR saying “f*ck it” and making the whole day a cheat day! Such a better way to eat and live!

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. Every person’s needs differ. If you are having any extreme thoughts about food, weight or your body, please go speak to someone who can help you!


Stephen’s body also changed a LOT! He’s played sports his whole life and (unlike me!) always knew the proper way to work out. He played football, soccer and lacrosse in high school and even worked with a personal trainer. He was briefly on the FSU LAX team as well.

Despite already being fit, Stephen is now more jacked than I have ever seen him. His arms are a lot bigger, harder and more defined.

His stomach has also gotten flatter with more ab definition. I’m not even going to go try and take a pic of him because he hates having his picture taken, and he’s also eating steak and absorbed in the game. I have no idea what game, but I know **the game** is always important haha. (It’s currently the weekend and I’m pre-writing this to publish Tuesday or Wednesday.)

Cons and Conclusion

Overall, I would give P90x 9.5 out of 10 stars!!!

If I could change anything, I would add some exercises like this one to make it slightly more female-friendly. Ab Ripper X is insanely good, but I modified some of the moves to keep my midsection from getting too rectangular. I read once that you have to be careful about oblique stuff if you want a tiny waist, so I left out the Oblique V-ups and substituted the vacuuming exercise that I linked above.

Sometimes I also skipped one set of the bicycles in favor of a plank, mostly because the first 4-5 exercises of Ab Ripper X use your hip flexors and sometimes mine would pop and get sore. Also because Miranda Kerr can do a 10 minute plank and she is one of my main body role models. I don’t know why Ab Ripper X doesn’t include planks… I mean, I’m sure they have their reasons but I personally like planks and wanted to include them from time to time.

Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review
How I feel about no planks… But also sorta how I feel about DOING planks haha

I could also have used a few less references to buying the shake/bars or visiting, their website. They plugged those in fairly consistently and if I was ever in a bad mood I’d say, “They mention the stupid shakes and website too much!!” and Stephen in his calm, nonjudgemental, Stephenish way would reply, “They don’t mention them that often, babe.”

(They really don’t though. Objectively speaking, Stephen is probably right. Sometimes I’m just a brat, especially if I’m in the middle of a painful wall squat and my exercise endorphins haven’t kicked in yet!!)

I think that is all!! Here are some helpful links in case you want to know more:

And it goes without saying that you can ask me anything! There is an email form at the very bottom of my About Me if you want to keep it personal, or of course you can comment on the post!

I hope you are feeling beautiful and strong today!! Because YOU ARE!!!

Xx, Maya



Grey bra and grey pants: Forever 21 (both sold out but here is a lovechild between the two– it has the cool “Be Strong Never Stop” motto but on a bra). Also, these grey workout leggings with cute mesh cutouts are similar!

Mint bikini and blue teddy from the butt selfies (lol) are both Victoria’s Secret. Black swimsuit bottoms are H&M (similar here and here).

My black jacket is Danskin brand from Wal-Mart. Did any of you guys do ballet and get Danskin stuff when you were little? Their gear is still great; my fleece jacket is basically a thinner, silkier-feeling Northface knockoff and I LOVE it!

You can also check out my post on great affordable workout gear if you’re interested!


We already had the yoga mats, but you can get similar ones in cute colors via Amazon (only $16.49!). I would personally go for the ones that have the grips that look like textured little bumps (like the ones I linked!!) NOT this kind that’s rubbery with lines. We actually bought one of the “rubbery lines” type once and don’t ever use it because it honestly sucks– and was also $3 more than the one that DOESN’T suck. *thumbs down!*

Also we got this set of bands and I wouldn’t exactly recommend them either, as one of them snapped two weeks ago. At least they lasted until almost the end of the program, but quality workout equipment should last more than 3 months IMO! We are going to see if we can get a free replacement– typically Amazon is good about that type of stuff.

We bought all our weights from Walmart. Our smaller dumbbells are by a brand called “Burn” or something similar. I can’t find them online but if I see them in the store, I’ll make a note of the name and come back to edit this post because I like the coating on them a lot! We also got two heavier sets of weights that have both been great. One was Gold’s Gym brand and I don’t remember the other.

We got our pull-up bar on Amazon and love it! We put a layer of cardboard between it and the wall above the door frame to prevent damage.


I really liked using my mint and white Adidas golf shoes (can be found here or here!) as my weight lifting shoes. They have especially intense grips, which was awesome for stepping on the bands!

I did yoga, kenpo, and sometimes plyometrics barefoot.

Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

Pre and Post Workout:

I honestly usually just drink coffee before my workouts, or I don’t do anything. I have also used this preworkout in the past and I liked the energy results but not the taste (I think I had the Fruit Punch flavor but am not positive). I can be a really big baby when it comes to bad tasting things though!

If you read this post, you know that my friend Andrea turned me onto this protein powder. It’s seriously the besttttt!!! Thinking about that pure, fragrant, almost carmelly vanilla flavor is literally making my mouth water right now, not to mention that it’s vegan and organic! (It’s 11:50 Friday night as I’m writing this, and I’m drinking a tequila, lemon, frozen strawberry and OJ slushie… do you think it a protein shake would go well with that?? Haha)

Before I go, I want to disclaimer the fact that I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer. You should check with an expert before making any extreme changes to your regimen! It might help to have some licorice powder to help with your workout.

Also, I realize that I am very skinny in these photos overall. I am still actively trying to gain muscle weight in my arms! I also think the bathroom mirror makes me look a bit skinnier than I am, so he’s a pic taken in a different mirror, just FYI. Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

Okay, time to pour another drink and join my ripped sexy hubby for some TV on the couch! We’ve earned it!!! 🙂 🙂

Thanks again for reading!! Have any of you done P90X? If so, what did you think? xx

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  • claudia jane

    love all your workout clothes!!! you are beautiful! I have been so busy lately and unmotivated that I haven’t blogged, but reading your blogs make me want to get back to it!!
    xo, Claudia

    • Maya (author)

      You are too sweet, Claudia!! Thank you so much! 🙂 <3

      I'm not busy at all (currently on a break from modeling because of some skin problems ugh) so I have a lot of time to devote to blogging. I'm glad you're feeling motivated though! I love your blog! I've been watching lots of stuff by the beauty youtubers you recommended and I could totally identify with the deodorant post. I try to only use natural (or at least non antiperspirant) stuff but some are a lot more--or less--effective than others haha.


  • Bettina Schuller

    Wonderful post Maya! very motivating and encouraging that we can change out bodies! I have experienced it with doing a lot of yoga! It’s awesome to find the exercise that is right for you!!!
    Thank you so much for motivating me to work more on my ledge:)

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