A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek

A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek

Good morning!

Good morning and how is it Friday?! How is it a Friday that’s two full weeks after I last posted… and the Friday after the Monday that marked ONE YEAR of marriage for me and Stephen?!

Whoa. Time flies when you’re having fun! And in love! And moving!

Even though I have a couple outfit posts on the back burner, as well as a growing Labor Day sale wishlist, my heart is just in the new apartment right now. Even though it’s hardly “apartment tour” worthy yet, this was one of those moments where sharing the move story with some hastily snapped, barely-edited pics of our new place just felt most relevant (and genuine!) to me. And I’m still going to do a real apartment tour when it’s done!

So here’s how everything went… 🙂

We arrived Saturday, August 20th, and spent the first couple nights at my mother-in-law’s house. We didn’t get our keys until Monday morning, but that made Sunday the perfect day to hit the beach, window shop a few furniture stores and grab some things at Michaels with my mom.

We also ducked into a rugged but cool little thrift shop on Haines Road, which is where I got these pretty silver martini glasses and the dotted blown glass champagne flutes that you can [sort of] see in the background. Don’t worry, I scrubbed them out thoroughly!

A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek

I was even more excited when, later that week, I discovered how pricey metallic stemware actually is. At the thrift store I got both martini glasses, both champagne flutes, and a shot glass for $10, whereas this similar style wineglass alone is $11 at Pier 1. And this set from Kohl’s isn’t cheap, either. How pretty would the red option be for the holidays though?! SERIOUS SWOON.

A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak PeekA Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak PeekA Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak PeekA Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek

Then Monday was the big moving day!

Stephen and I got our keys and did the official walk-through with the leasing agent. We were originally looking at treetops real estate but when we found this apartment, we knew it was the perfect home for us. After that, Stephen, both moms, my brother-in-law and I spent a quality half-day with the Uhaul, a company that is similar to Ds Carriers Removal Company. That was when we “shopped the moms”– Leslie’s storage unit and my mom’s garage.

We were lucky to get so many beautiful pieces from them! After some heavy lifting (i.e. mostly watching Stephen and Ryan do the lifting! 😉 ) the five of us had a late Evos takeout lunch. It was the first meal in our new place! The fact that Stephen and I were finally living in the same city as a lot of our immediate family really sunk in. Such a wonderful feeling! Also that that Evos salmon wrap is goooddd…

We still needed a TV and couch, so Stephen and I then headed out on our own. We found a great “compromise couch” at Kane’s (Stephen was shopping for comfort and I was shopping for style haha). Then we proceeded to Wal-Mart, where my hubs also got himself a beautiful 6o inch Vizio, which he is obsessed with. I actually love it myself! I never really cared about TVs one way or the other, but I have to say it’s super nice. Plus, having a large, sleek TV is an excellent modern counterpoint to the old-fashioned armoire and other wood pieces. It balances out the living room beautifully!

I spent most of the past week and a half scrubbing our new place and slowly but surely putting things away. I also went around the floor with our new Bissell vacuum cleaner. We even had some friends over for pre-dinner drinks last weekend! They all really liked our place, which of course felt wonderful to hear!!

A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek I cleaned/de-cluttered this area before our friends arrived, so it looked better than this! ^^

Eventually I want to buy my own desk (Stephen got one from his mom’s storage, not pictured) but for now I work in the dining area.

I actually love how the paintings look all stacked on top of each other… Is that weird?! Okay don’t answer that lol.

Maybe I’m also feeling a bit of pressure because I don’t know what piece of art I’m going to put where. I still want to buy some new pieces too, so it all has to be planned out. My best friend is coming over later today and she has a beautiful taste in home decor, so I’m going to pick her brain! She is also helping me select a coffee table.

Same with my mom; I can’t wait to get her opinions later this weekend! I just really wish our TV stand would get here so I could gauge what height the TV will be, and my mom and Morgan could both better visualize what they’d put above it… I’m thinking maybe the pink piece you can see on the right. With this mirror on each side?!
A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek

My dad painted the above pieces in middle school!

Can you believe it?! I’d been telling Stephen and my mom for weeks how excited I was to get “that abstract palm tree Dad painted” and it was even cooler than I remembered. His bright, intense interpretation of The Beatles (behind it) is also amazing! And can you spot the tiny “C.S. 70′ Chris Schuller”?!

I definitely want to recommend TJ Maxx as far as throw pillows and blankets are concerned. So pretty, so soft, and so affordable! I’m also obsessed with the Peony Petals candle I picked up the same day I got these.

A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak PeekA Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak Peek

Actually, the still-rolled-up throw is from Target (can’t find it online 🙁 ), but the majority of our new couch accessories (including two additional pillows that aren’t pictured and the fringey throw blanket above) are from TJ Maxx.

I was obsessed with so many of their things in store and found some even more amazing buys on the website… Which I keep sneaking back to over and over. It doesn’t help that an ad for the clock I’m obsessed with keeps popping up on every. site. I. visit.

I wish being an internet marketer’s wife made me immune to internet marketing haha.

Though the picks above are still unfortunately on the Wishlist (don’t forget to scroll! There are so many pretty temptations!), I did make the following purchases during the past week and a half…

You might recognize some!

As you can see, Stephen told me he wasn’t actually invested in the whole deer head/antler decision, so I enthusiastically went for it. Based on the logic in my Moodboard Post… he won! 😉

A white and gold deer head from Gilt was my first online buy actually! It’s now sold out, so I put a very similar one in the widget (EDIT: Ugh! That one is now marked “sold out” too, even though if you click it, there are actually a few left!). If you want to see the original, it’s linked in the “Shop My Instagram” picture of the silver skulls. And if you’re in need of more deer head/antler options, check out the post before this one and the widget in my sidebar!

I am also extremely excited about my Kohl’s mirrors. I found that Kohl’s has the best mirrors for the best prices! Mine are due to arrive any day now! I got two of these pretty, somewhat sunburst-esque ones and this square set of three.

I also am really loving these charming mirrors from Rose and Grace Market, which a college sorority sister of mine owns. I’m trying to curb my shopping at this point (at least until I’ve hung up everything I already have) but I pinned them so I can find them quickly in the future.

I think my very favorite purchase of all might be… you guessed it!! The cheap part of me wanted to run back to Pier 1 for a return when I saw that there’s a white version on sale for half off online, but I think I like the gold one better and sometimes you just have to get what you like best!

Then there’s also part of me that wants to keep the gold one for the bar cart plus buy two of the white ones to incorporate into the top-of-the-armoire garden. How pretty would they be with the white hydrangeas?! I mean, I’m planning on mixing up the flower situation frequently but white antlers would be pretty with anything. Coral or blush spray roses with white antlers, anyone? UM YES. I can see it already– can you?!
A Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak PeekA Very UnMarketed Apartment Sneak PeekThese photos would probably look much better if I’d shot them during the day, with the blinds open and natural light pouring in! And if I’d already done an oil soaping on this beautiful bad boy. Like I said, this post is definitely a bit UnMarketed. 😉

We have also been struggling with some Florida-level condensation on the Nikon lens when we go outside, and I feel like it still hasn’t totally recovered from our (somewhat blurry) anniversary pics the other day. Any cleaning tips from you photographers out there?!

Oh and as for the plants, the three little ones (fake) and their aluminum pots are from Ikea and the (real) basil plant was a one year anniversary gift from my MIL and stepfather-in-law!

Well, I think that’s about all… Thank you so much for being a part of the excitement!! Stephen and I are absolutely loving the new place!

Now I’m off to clean it a little more…

Have a wonderful, amazing weekend! Especially if you’re cheering on the Noles Monday night!!!

xox, Maya

P.s. H&M is having a pretty major home sale right now, and I love a lot of their stuff! I already ordered my funky zebra rug from there (I hope I don’t regret that one, but for $15 I had to give it a try!) and this cool black and white tray.

Oh and I totally caved and grabbed some new clothes because I’m a sucker. But this ruffled mint blouse was so “me” it would have haunted my dreams if I had’t bought it. And what girl on Accutane can resist a chic yet casual black satin baseball cap to protect her face? Not I… Said the little “Trying to Not to Be Red” hen.

I have the nerdiest sense of humor ever, I know.

But back to the home decor, I also love all of these H&M steals!