Easter Sunday in Gypsy 05

Easter Sunday in my Gypsy 05 jumpsuit

Happy (way belated!) Easter from the Trevathans!!! We had the most amazing Easter Sunday– our first as a married couple!

Easter Sunday in my Gypsy 05 jumpsuit

I’m still learning my way around WordPress and Lightroom, and it’s definitely a process. A fun and satisfying process though! So that’s why these beginning posts are trickling in sporadically instead of being more “real time.” 

Anyway, Easter is a day for celebration and feasting, so I knew in advance I was going to allow myself an exception from my typically healthy diet. I was really excited and planned the menu out a few days in advance! I found these two recipes via Pinterest:

Easter Crescent roll bake and wine slushies

I also decided to make my *famous* Nutella toffee walnut cookies (loosely based on this recipe) and baked them the night before so I wouldn’t have to spend as much time on Easter cooking. Stephen got to taste test when I finished them around midnight. He was so excited because I used to make them all the time and he always loved them!

Toffee nutella walnut cookies

I hadn’t made them in over a year, maybe close to two. I got hardcore about my diet when we moved to SF and I decided I wanted to model, and then even more hardcore when I actually got signed. Consequently, I stopped baking random batches of my Nutella toffee walnut cookies like I used to in college and my first postgrad year. Suffice it to say, my man was READY for his cookies!

Poor Stephen. I swear they should have a model boyfriends and husbands support group or something. One of my friends once posted a meme on her insta that said “Every man wants to date a model… Until he dates a model,” which I thought was hilarious. 

Easter Sunday in my Gypsy 05 jumpsuit

Back to Easter Sunday (I’m long-winded and easily distracted haha)…

Stephen and I went to church and the service was so incredible. The priest talked about the opportunity for new life that God gives you, but he approached this classic Easter subject in a new way I thought was cool. He not only spoke on Jesus’s resurrection and continued presence, but also of being “made new” on a scientific, molecular and literal level. He even referenced a recent MIT study! It was a really excellent sermon.

Easter Sunday in my Gypsy 05 jumpsuit

I think it’s awesome when religious leaders connect our academic and scientific advances to timeless spiritual wisdom. It really speaks to individuals who believe in God but also believe in academia and advancements and living your life. I think it’s safe to say that’s true of most Christians, but unfortunately the people with the really extreme beliefs are often the most outspoken ones.

After a very uplifting celebration of Easter, we returned home. I fixed my makeup, took off my go-to beige cardigan (can’t help but think of the funny insta account haha) that I’d worn to church and had Stephen take these outfit snaps on the balcony. The misty grey weather made it easy to shoot at 1 pm, so that was a nice stroke of luck!

Easter Sunday in my Gypsy 05 jumpsuit

I am really obsessed with this pure silk jumpsuit by Gypsy 05 that my mom recently snagged for me. It was originally $250ish and she got it for only $48 on Rue La La. What a find!!! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with jumpsuits; it’s a serious and long-term love affair 😉 I adore the open back and the free-spirited yet chic vibe of this one. And the silk is so slippery and creamy! Silk is my favorite!

Easter Sunday in my Gypsy 05 jumpsuit

My handsome hubby on Easter

Stephen let me take a few pics of him too, but he generally hates being in front of the camera. I enjoy taking pictures too though. I want to figure out how to better capture his eyes because they are a really beautiful shade of dark forest green but you can never tell in photographs. I think his strong brow bones kind of hide them, or maybe his eyelashes. I sometimes joke I only married him because I want my future offspring to have the super thick Trevathan eyelash genetics. I’m so mean! But it’s also a compliment so I guess I’m not that mean… Oh and don’t even get me started on the Trev skin genes; none of them get any pimples ever. It’s actually crazy. 

My handsome hubby on Easter

After our little photoshoot, I changed into my comfy grey sweater dress, put out the cookies as the appetizer (Easter seemed like a good occasion to eat dessert first!) and set about making the wine slushies and crescent roll bake.

Grey sweater dress and wine slushie

The bake was so SO good!!! I would highly recommend it and am definitely making it again in the future. The slushies were okay but almost too thick and fruity. I feel like the rich foods would have needed something more liquid-y to wash them down. If I make them again, I’m going to add regular ice to dilute the frozen fruit and maybe lighten them up with a splash of brut champagne! However, I love the blog I found them on, Dessert for Two. It’s such an awesome concept to have smaller dessert recipes and the author has the best, quirkiest voice. I spent almost an hour on her site!

Toffee nutella walnut cookies

Stephen turned on the TV and Forgetting Sarah Marshall was on. It was fun to cook with his laughter and stream of cookie compliments in the background! He works so hard and I love to see him enjoy himself. Once I put the bake in the oven, I came to sit with him and we finished the movie together. We ate the crescent bake with ranch dressing, which was an awesomely decadent combo.

Easter crescent roll bacon and spinach bake

After lunch we decided to continue the Jason Segel theme and watch I Love You Man. I’d never seen it in its entirety and my film fanatic hubby was appalled. (“What?! I love that movie!”) It was so nice to sit on the couch and cuddle and laugh and enjoy good food.

Stephen and I had the best Easter!! I hope that those of you who celebrate had a wonderful day as well! …even if it’s getting to be a little while ago now.

Xx Maya

p.s. I may need to add some more Gypsy 05 to my closet… This soft grey lace-up top is calling my name, not to mention this stunning long sleeve drop waist tunic. Also, my earrings must have sold out quickly because I can’t find them online (not surprised– they’re so cute and were $6!) but these (also only $6), these ($7!), these and these are similar and I also adore this edgier pearl ear cuff. My shoes are Steve Madden! Extremely similar ones here, here, and I’m definitely going to get the splurge version one day.

White wine peach mango slushies