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Celebrating some big news at Ruth’s Chris!!! Top can be found here, similar earrings here and more options here.


I tend to go through different phases when it comes to my aesthetic preferences.

As I said in my About Me, I always questioned growing up whether I was the poetry-writing, theater-doing *unique* type or the more traditional girly-girl who likes flowers, cupcakes and the color pink.

Though I’ve realized you can totally be both, I still go through phases where I feel like I’m one more so than the other. At least in terms of what material items strike my fancy.

Recently, I’ve been more into the quirky and eccentric than the feminine and classic.

When I found this bizarre phrenology head, I immediately knew both it and the coordinating palmistry hand (now sold out 🙁 ) had to be mine. I ordered the following items a little over a week ago:

At first, I loved the gold and marble hashtag too. It’s more of a happy medium between girly and quirky than purely the latter; also, it felt like a requirement for a household that consists of a techie and a blogger! 😉

However, I’m not sure I like it in person –the order arrived 3 days ago– plus I have absolutely no idea where to put it. I’m going to do my “office” (a corner of the living room for which I’m currently painting my sister’s old desk) with silver accents, so it won’t match. It’s too girly for Stephen’s office area, plus his space is already fully decorated. And a hashtag just seems out of place in the bedroom or dining area.

To be honest, the other things were just a result of the fact that I refuse to ever pay for shipping. I know that’s how they “get you” but I’d rather be got aka receive more items and potentially return them than waste $9.

I really love the octopus bookends more than expected and am going to keep those. The faux peonies might go back with the hashtag. They’re excellent quality for the price but I don’t have a place for them yet and Stephen doesn’t like them and they’re ultra girly so they don’t really gel with my current eccentric preferences.

I’ve been wanting to inject some more weird into my wardrobe too.

I’m eyeballing this funky Asos sweatshirt and this downright bizarre matching separates set– TOP and SKIRT. (The set is so ugly it’s cool, right?? Or just ugly? I think I could pull it off but sometimes I overestimate myself…)

Those 3 items might happen. Here they are in a widget with my runners up:

Well, I’m gonna go pour myself another iced coffee and pick up the apartment a bit!

Stephen and I had a semi-spontaneous Super Bowl party last night!!! It was a blast! We have such a fun group of friends, and I absolutely adore hosting!

There’s just something fun and satisfying about throwing a party, you know? I can’t wait for many more in the future! 🙂

I do still struggle with overeating at parties because the food is just THERE the whole time, and it’s so easy to switch between salty and sweet and wine and cheesy and wine and meaty and fruity and wine and “Okay just oneeee more peanut butter caramel pretzel” when you’re feeling happy and carefree.

One of my biggest food goals is getting to the point where I can be around party food (or “normal” food like a pasta dinner, etc) and portion control more effectively. However, this is going to be a strict diet week: veggies, fruit, salad, healthy soups, and protein shakes only. Sometimes black and white boundaries are easiest for me.

I am also upping my Juice Plus+ back to a full serving for a bit. I’d cut to half because you’re technically not supposed to take anything with Vitamin A while on accutane. I got sick a couple weeks ago and wondered whether it was coincidence of the lower JP dose or not. I’d just been skiing, which included drinking a good bit, some gnarly altitude sickness, and obviously more exposure to the cold than in Florida. So it could have been that. Then I started to feel under the weather AGAIN 5-6 days ago and was like, “Okay, this is getting old. Time to get back on the JP full dose, at least until cold/flu season is over!!”

Idk if my food/supplement updates (especially in a totally unrelated post) are interesting to you guys haha. Let me know in the comments! I swear, this blog is all over the place these days!

Speaking of “all over the place,” I can’t leave without mentioning I SIGNED WITH A NEW AGENCY IN TAMPA!!!! That was the exciting thing I alluded to last post! At that point I couldn’t say anything because it wasn’t officially official.

But now it is! 🙂

My new agency has been amazing so far! I’ve already worked a great job and am on option for a runway show in a week and a half. Not too shabby, Tampa!

In the meantime, I am also taking a far more active role in Arclight Interactive, Stephen’s company. It’s growing in leaps and bounds, and he is at the point he can really use another almost full-time employee. I know I said the same things back in the “An Office Affair” section of this post, but to be honest, it didn’t fully work out that time around. I was still fairly resistant to being *that girl who works for her husband*. I blamed all of our fights on the fact that I worked for him (and tbh there were a lot of them during that time period. We were together 24/7 in an isolated mountaintop house with no friends or social life; what couple WOULDN’T fight?). And I was unfulfilled because I couldn’t live my own dreams.

I think this time around, things will be a lot different.

First and foremost, my Arclight career will now be a supplement to a brand new phase of my dream own career, which I’m so excited to be pursuing again!!!! That fact alone makes it feel so different. You might not know this, but most models work second jobs– at least for the first 1-3 years while they’re establishing themselves. So instead of being *the girl who works for her husband* I’m going to be *the model who happens to be lucky enough that her supplementary job is editing, writing, and social media marketing (all things that she loves) for a growing company with a boss (lol) who allows her to take off work for any castings or jobs that come her way.*

Not too shabby, Life!

In light of the new developments, I also quit the boutique at which I worked part-time! It was a fun 5 months, the girls were awesome, and I was generously compensated considering it was an easy retail job. But the fashion industry works on a somewhat last-minute scheduling basis and I need to keep myself open to castings and jobs without having to worry about the boutique. Having a conflict-free schedule while still being financially fine during slow patches is something most models dream of, so I wanted to take advantage of that blessing as quickly as possible.

Okay now I’m for real going to go! 14 paragraphs later it’s time haha. Also my eyeballs itch and I need to locate one of my 3 bottles of Rohto, NONE OF WHICH I CAN FIND. I swear, the hairtie-eating monster under the bed has an eyedrop-guzzling brother.

Anyway I hope you’re all having a wonderful afternoon!!! I know you Pats fans are! What a crazy game, to say the least. We were cheering for the Falcons, but mostly just in the way that everyone else was, you know? So my day is going fine too. And honestly I’m inspired by how young Tom Brady looks. And his wife DUH. They are going to be my health and hotness inspo for this upcoming diet week. Recently I’ve become very obsessed with not only the day-to-day stuff like gaining or losing a pound, good or bad hair day, etc, but also “How will this affect how I look/feel at 40? 50? 110?”

Happy Monday! It sure is a beautiful one in St. Pete!

xx Maya

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