Life Updates!

Life Updates! | Maya UnMarketed

Hey friends, I’m back!

I’m going to see if I’m capable of writing a brief, lighthearted post for once 😉

I do have to say though, thank you for the love and support on all of the more intense ones lately, especially the last one about retiring my modeling career. I obviously loved modeling, but I often felt like my only external “compensation” (since as I explained, nonAdrianaLima models make far less money than one might assume) was the fact that people found it glamorous. I still remember how some of my Milan friends and I once joked about how we may not be making much, but at least we were “paid in our high school acquaintances’ jealousy.” Real mature, I know. But sometimes when life hands you lemons, the only way to survive is by letting social media assume you’re having caviar! Exposing the lemons and slashing off a chunk of my proverbial paycheck wasn’t easy, but it’s an ongoing goal of mine to be less ego-driven and more genuine.

Wow, already failing at the whole lighthearted thing!

Anyway here are my life updates:

  1. I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!!!!! I’m a copywriter at a digital marketing agency and I absolutely love it. The work environment is amazing and my boss and colleagues are wonderful. Also….. I get paid to write all day! Need I say more?!
  2. I am still working my promo modeling job and loving it! It feels so nice to have two jobs that I adore. Two years of floundering, starting a blog that I initially thought would become a side income but didn’t (I love my blog but severely underestimated how much work/time it takes to make money from it), working retail, a brief stint in an MLM, freelancing with my husband (which was fine, but didn’t add to my career confidence in any way), and attempting to make a Tampa area modeling career work out left me feeling generally incapable. I always prided myself in being successful and a hustler and *like, sooo busy*, so all those things that either didn’t go as planned (or were temporary from the start–i.e. the retail job) just piled up emotionally and made me feel so useless. Having both a fulfilling professional job and a fun, high-energy side job makes me feel like everything has finally clicked into place. And that is such an amazing feeling! 
  3. Did you know that I landed my new copywriting job two days after Saturn left Sagittarius? It is insane how my rough two years lined up with what, astrologically speaking, is a supposed to be a rough time. I still don’t know much about it, but I have decided I see the value in astrology and would like to learn more.
  4. We are beginning the process of a townhome/condo hunt!!! I currently have a 1 hr (each way) commute to my job and our lease is up this summer. Also, Stephen joined a networking group in Brandon and has been taking a lot of meetings in Tampa. So we will probably be relocating to the other side of the bridge in June or July!! Even if buying doesn’t work out, (and I hope that it DOES WORK OUT because the thought of renting for a year somewhere and then buying in 2019, i.e. adding in an extra move, makes me want to scream and fling fine china against a wall) we will probably move to Tampa as renters. But hopefully we’ll find a nice starter place and will become homeowners this year! 🙂
  5. We migghhhtttt also become fur-parents this year! Stephen has wanted a dog for years now and we were never the place to do that. As you know, we’ve moved a lot–hence the comment about having a tantrum if we have to add in a potentially unnecessary move–and we currently live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. I think this is going to be the year of becoming a lot more settled in a lot of ways, and I’m so grateful for that. I’m actually getting excited about our future dog too! In the past, I didn’t have “dog fever” like Stephen, but I think I may have finally caught it; he was pretty contagious haha.
  6. Unfortunately I am struggling with acne YET AGAIN. I’m off the pill (still actively trying to not conceive though) and I have hormonal acne on my lower cheeks, jaw and neck. To be honest, I am starting to feel angry and sorry for myself. Acne has taught me a lot about kindness, empathy and humility, but I feel like I’ve learned everything there is to learn, you know? It’s time for this burden to be lifted from my shoulders. Fortunately, the acne is mid-level as opposed to TERRIBLE and it’s in an area that’s easier to cover, since it’s on the sides of my face rather than front and center. So I can still put on ten pounds of makeup, wear my hair down, and look “hot” enough to work a liquor promo (thank goodness). But I don’t feel good about myself, cry about it frequently, and find myself constantly hoping I don’t run into anyone I know. I feel like I’ve maxed out my emotional bandwidth when it comes to this. Anyway, I better stop before the violins start to hurt your eardrums, but you can expect My Skin Struggles Part 3 at some point. There are some different remedies I’m attempting, but it’s way too much info for this post.
  7. Okay, let’s end this on a happy note! My mom and I had a blast volunteering at American Stage last night, it’s my close friend Ashton’s birthday, and I’m having a cozy Sunday in beautiful St. Petersburg.

I hope life is treating all of you well! Happy Valentine’s week! Surprisingly, I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s diva (I feel like a couple’s anniversary is so much more special and intimate) but I’m still looking forward to some steaks and wine at home with Mr. Trevathan.

Lots of love,


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