A Little Bit of Christmas for Your Monday Morning

A Little Bit of Christmas for Your Monday Morning - santa ornament

Happy December 12th! The holidays are in full swing!!

I have an unpublished (as of yet) post about why this Christmas season feels especially Christmassy to me, but it veered off in all these different directions (typical) and I wanted to spread some cheer before I decide where to go with that one. It started mainly about my life, but then I started touching on some personal growth stuff and it gave me an idea for a different “How To” type article and then I thought, “I’d better get at least one Christmassy post out there before March rolls around.”

I swear, this is my life sometimes:

Person: “Great weather we’ve been having, huh, Maya?”

Me: *talks about my deepest inner perceptions of weather and how the sun is a metaphor for coming of age and how the humidity is symbolic of a specific subtle but oppressing insecurity that I’m still trying to work through which is likely rooted in that one teenage experience although I do feel like I’ve really broken some ground when it comes to this certain aspect of my former social anxiety regarding…. *

Person: “Um yeah sure.”

I have a good bit of work to do for Stephen’s company today and really do need to keep this short. After all, I have at least one other Maya UnMarketed Christmas article brewing, potentially two.

Without further ado, here is my super festive Christmas widget!


How great are Target’s Christmas sweaters right now?? I complimented a man wearing an “I came for the eggnog!” sweater the other day and he said he got it from Target, but I don’t see it online… Too bad because it would have been PERFECT for Stephen! If any of you guys happen upon it, please let me know.

My other personal favorites are the pompom pillow and the Christmas tree wine stopper. Pier 1 just has so many pretty things! The whole “20% off sale” is such a clever gimmick (who the heck actually puts Christmas stuff on sale before Christmas?) but I hate to admit I’m falling for it a little. I’m a sucker for the holidays and for sales.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday morning with lots of coffee! I’m having mine at home but could definitely go for another of the Skinny Mint Mochas that made appearances throughout my past week… YUM!!

xx Maya

p.s. I found $38 dupes for the GORGEOUS Kate Spade slippers I was drooling over on instagram yesterday. Guess what’s the ONLY size they’re out of? 🙁 🙁