A Little Love Note to St. Pete

A Little Love Note to St. Pete

I have this theory that you can have chemistry with places in the same way you can have it with people.

This chemistry was the reason why (after two trips to The University of Florida, trying really hard to like it, and knowing my grades and SATs would probably get me in) I told my mom “THIS IS IT!!! I’m home!” within 30 seconds of setting my foot on The Florida State University’s campus. I was so sure, I didn’t even apply anywhere else. Sometimes you can’t explain things. You just have to feel them.

But this isn’t a Nole gloat over last night.

(Last night, which was amazing.
Last night, which was spent with good food, good friends, and seeing our alma mater win gloriously. Last night, which sent Stephen into a state of jubilance so contagious that I couldn’t help but fall in love all over again.)

This is about me feeling the geographical chemistry.

I have just been SO HAPPY the past 2 and a half weeks. So abundantly happy to be here in St. Pete.
Don’t get me wrong–I wouldn’t do anything differently when it comes to the last three years. I could write an entire novel elaborating on that statement, but let me just resort to a cheesy, well-worn cliche:

I am the woman I am because of the last three years, especially the last two. I’m the woman I am because of San Francisco. Because of New York and Milan and chomping down on the raisin that would have dried up in the sun.

(Anyone remember me using the same allusion two years ago?? It’s crazy and amazing to look back…) 

But I’m so, so happy we live somewhere new. Somewhere old. A place where the expanse of blue skies evokes the magnitude of our fleeting, borrowed life on this bright saltwater planet.


Do you believe in geographical chemistry?


This is the first time I’ve had that “I’m home!” feeling since we moved away from the FSU campus.


And I’m basking in it. <3




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I’ll leave you with the incredible, majorly on-sale bookends I just snagged. Perfect for embracing our new home in our new home city!!