Maya’s Mid-Monthly Mashup // May

Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup

Okay so first and foremost, how is it already mid/late-ish May?

No seriously. I’m not even trying to do the casual “time flies” thing… I demand answers!

How is it my much-younger sister’s TWENTIETH BIRTHDAY TODAY?? (Happy birthday Phia!!! I love you!)

Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup
The best MOH, best friend and best sister!!!

I remember when Sophia was in elementary school and would complain, “Mamiii, E-E’s being TEENAGE-Y again!!!” whenever I was moody or snarky… which was probably a lot. (E-E is my childhood nickname, from when I went by Elizabeth. “Mami” as you might expect, is German for “Mommy.”) It truly is hard to believe that demanding, beautiful, spritely blonde little 4th grader is finished with her own teenage years.

“Time and Tide Wait for No Man.” – Geoffrey Chaucer

My April Mashup turned out to be one of my more popular posts, and thank you so much to all who read it! I hope you enjoyed my update on maca, banana prep, the Oh Boy podcast,  Latisse, and more!

Nothing much has changed with any of that; still loving everything I talked about! I did slightly decrease how much I was using Latisse because it makes me a tad bleary-eyed the next day. Now I’m using it only about once every 3 nights, supplementing with my coconut/castor oil combo (this is the castor oil I use!) or my drugstore lash serum the other nights.

As for the back sleeping, my friend Alison recommended the Nature’s Sleep non-contour foam pillow that she said turned her into a back-sleeper by [awesome] accident. I was like, “SIGN ME UP!!” but the hubby didn’t think $80-110 was an acceptable price tag for a pillow.

Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup

However, my mom found some more affordable foam pillows at her local Aldi store, and got one for me. This was just a week ago so if you live near an Aldi and want a foam pillow, it might be worth checking out!! Idk when I’m actually going to get it from her because I don’t know when I’ll next be in St. Pete but I’m excited anyway!

If for some reason I don’t like the Aldi version I might reopen the Nature’s Sleep discussion with Stephen. We will see. 😉

Moving on to my May favorites and updates…


When I started writing this post, I got so carried away talking about p90x that I decided it needed its own separate review!

If you didn’t read Wednesday’s post, here’s the quick summary:

A) Stephen and I both LOVED it!

B) We got great results: increased athleticism, increased metabolism, and awesome physical changes.

C) The leader of the videos, Tony, is amazing and Stephen and I both want to be friends with him IRL. Maya UnMarketed | P90x Review

Beauty Haul/YouTubers

As I mentioned last month, I want to get more professional at doing makeup!

I still watch a lot of Carli Bybel, but have also started watching some other girls. I really liked this article written by Claudia of Life’s Rich Pageant. Since I read it, I’ve been watching a lot of RachhLoves and Jaclyn Hill. I really love them both for different reasons! Jaclyn’s makeup skills strike me as a bit more advanced/complex, but I like that Rach features a good bit of drugstore stuff, since that is where my budget is at right now.

As a few of you know, I’m recovering from some skin issues, so I don’t wear makeup 99% of the time. As much as I love blogging, I’m pretty darn ready to be back in the real modeling game too! So I let my skin heal and go makeup-free unless absolutely necessary. When I do put on a face, I make it correspond with date night AND to try shoot a few different looks while I’m at it.

That being said, I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of new items, mentioned at the end of my Black Velvet Jumpsuit post. I swatched my two new lip colors of the month, along with my go-to nude (worn with pink gloss in the featured image of this post) and a bold quirky purple that I rediscovered in my makeup drawer (worn in an upcoming post.)Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup From bottom to top, they are:

I am also really loving the new foundation! This below (unedited!) photo is how it looks mixed with a touch of my usual BB Cream over my lifesaving primer (aka everyone’s fave primer– and for good reason!). The fact that my skin isn’t good but actually looks decent here really vouches for the foundation in my opinion.

For any of you girls working with bad skin and a drugstore budget, I’d definitely recommend it! I chose the “Cool” type to help cancel out the ruddiness. My exact shade was C2 “Natural Ivory.”Maya UnMarketed | May MashupRosewine” lips, new foundation, no retouching! ^ Not too shabby for a $7.59 foundation!

Also to any of you struggling with acne, if you want a listening ear, you can always feel free to message me (contact form at the bottom of my About Me)! I’m on 4 different meds/creams right now AND I did Accutane when I was younger so trust me when I say I feel your pain and am here for you. <3

There is truly nothing worse than talking to naturally clear-skinned people who don’t get it and somehow manage to make it your fault. (“Do you eat healthily enough?” YES. “Do you drink tons of water?” YES. “Have you tried XYZ?” YES. “Do you wash your makeup off at night?” NO SHIT, SHERLOCK… and I almost never wear it to begin with.) //end rant but yeah feel free to email me if you need to talk to someone who gets it! … and sorry if my tangent sounded a little bitter 😉

(The fact that my roots are 4 inches long is also because of this time off modeling. I know it looks a little crazy, but my normally-bleached locks are lovin’ every minute of it!)Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup You guys know I can’t resist a good oxblood! This liner in “Red/Wine” should pair nicely with most of my darker lipstick shades.Maya UnMarketed | May MashupThe new NYX!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like it when I first put it on. It’s unlike any shade I’ve ever worn; it’s not pure nude or brown or pink or orange but kinda a mix of everything. However, when we shot the look below (original post here, top here) I was like, “JUST KIDDING I LOVE IT.”

Major 180 from first reaction to later assessment– has anyone else ever felt that way about a lipstick? Nails are “Ballet Slippers,” sorry about the imperfect polish!DSC_2236 Maya UnMarketed | May MashupMaya UnMarketed | May Mashup







Perhaps most important is that I got this Clarisonic dupe (not pictured) for only $13.00 on Amazon!! Yes you read that right! It comes with a seven different brush heads and has been amazing so far. I only use it once a week because my skin is so sensitive on all these medications, so I can’t yet vouch for its long-term quality one way or the other. But for the price, I’ll be happy with any amount of time I can get from it.

Oh, and to quote every ’90s toy commercial ever: “batteries not included” haha. You will need two AAs. Highly recommend!

Summer Spritzers

When my dad was younger, he spent a summer working at a family farm in Ottawa, Ontario. After each sweltering dusty day of harvesting barley, everyone returned home exhausted and hungry. They’d set the potatoes–pulled from the ground mere hours ago–up to boil. As they waited for their food to be ready (they were doing the “Farm to Table” thing before it was trendy haha) they’d mix a gallon of lemonade with a couple Molson Canadians and eagerly gulp the cold, invigorating drinks.

My dad told me this anecdote one day when I was little. We lived in Key West, and he and my mother were each enjoying a Shandy– the refreshing, sweet, citrus-y, lightly alcoholic treat he’d grown to love during that long-ago summer.

I was captivated by the story. I could picture my father, young, wild, covered in soil, I could taste the lemon and fizz, I saw the expanse of fields, heard the gentle thud of potatoes against a metal pot. I felt the simple satisfaction of icy liquid after a sweat-soaked day.

I wanted to drink Shandies one day, too!

The only problem (besides the fact that seven-year-olds can’t drink beer) was that I used to hate anything with carbonation.

As I got older, I started drinking champagne because it always seemed so festive! I didn’t actually like the taste at first, but I was captivated by the glittering crystal stemware (Stephen and I got Waterford “T” toasting flutes as a wedding gift– swoon!), the dance of the microscopic bubbles, and the pale golden and rose tones of the liquid.

Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup
Prosecco and fruit with my mom in FL!! Not the aforementioned Waterford flutes OR the mango guava spritzers but I needed a picture of something bubbly 🙂

I loved the romance of “having a glass of champagne”– I mean, doesn’t it just sound elegant?! After liking the idea of champagne for a long time, my tastebuds gradually changed. Now I genuinely love it! However, until a month ago it was still the only carbonated drink I liked.

While visiting my mom in Florida, she introduced me to her little non-alcoholic summer spritzers. She mixes about 1/4 mango guava juice with 3/4 seltzer water, and even though I “don’t like bubbles,” something about it made me want to give it a try!

It was delicious. 

After that, I went on a total spritzer spree! Years of associating bubbles with celebration, romance, with my parents’ carmel-colored tans in the humid years of my childhood, all manifested themselves in the pop and twinkle of my little summery drinks. I know it seems ridiculous, but I was so happy I finally liked bubbles!

Like Dory splashing exuberantly through the ocean, I snapped the seals of La Croix cans, delighted in the hiss of seltzer water caps, and hungrily stashed fresh bottles of Prosecco in the fridge. My little spritzers have been one of the biggest joys of my past month! These are my favorite ingredients:

  • Lemonade
  • Prosecco
  • Coconut La Croix
  • Pinot Grigio
  • New Zealand Sauvignon blanc
  • Seltzer water

Mix any combination of any ingredients (I never mix the alcohols though) and enjoy! I especially love Pinot Grigio + coconut La Croix. DSC_2317Speaking of drinks and cute family anecdotes, my mom got Stephen eight bottles of his absolute favorite white wine in the world! When we were in Florida, they went on BOGO sale at Publix and my mom decided to make her son-in-law’s day. It was such a sweet surprise and needless to say, Stephen was thrilled! DSC_2322 DSC_2325A castle of awesome drinks!!! Have you guys ever tried the Bread & Butter? Do you love it as much as Stephen does? It’s a super hearty and intense white– nice for people like my hubs who typically prefer reds.

And what’s your favorite La Croix, if you have one? I’ve only tried the coconut and apricot, but so far I like the coconut way better.

Outfit Haul

Now that I’m blogging, I’m spending a lot more time online shopping (it’s a rough life lol) and I’ve noticed how quickly some things go out of stock. For example this totally chic, affordable black and white sports bra I was drooling over sold out in like two freaking days– bring it back, Forever 21!

EDIT: It’s back in stock but they only have size XS… Maybe they’ll bring back the other sizes too. Even with my small ribcage and A cup bra, I still prefer Small to XS!

Anyway, I decided to haul some of my recent purchases, since some might go out of stock before I even have a chance to officially shoot them. ALSO, I wanted to share the quirky vintage finds I picked up in Asheville the other day!IMG_9763 Macy’s romper, $21.99! It’s JUNIORS so consider going up a size! This Small is pretty tiny on me, but I’m gonna make it work! IMG_9766 Less of a need to size up on this one (I linked it in case it comes back in stock. It’s sold out, but this one and this one are both very similar and affordable.)













Sorry about the no pants in the first shot haha. But it was the only pic I got of my LEVIS jacket!! I love a good vintage store find. (Non fleece-lined similar one here, but really you should just go thrifting!) Also, how bout that red paisley top?? It’s so cute and looks brand new! (Similar-ish here.) IMG_9796 I couldn’t resist this ridiculous floral top (somewhat similar) to go with my new mom jeans (similar, similar)!

How cool would my crazy vacation-y button down be paired with crisp white shorts ($17!), black lace-up tassel sandals ($30!), and this adorable quirky bicycle beach bag ($20!)?! Finished off with a red lip and these black cat eye sunglasses ($6)!

Gosh I have so many things in so many shopping carts right now, it’s actually insane. The outfit described above barely scratches the surface. Even though I’m not going to purchase all of the $2,500+ worth of **options** I’m currently coveting, here is a little highlights list:

  • This floral print midi dress is so pretty! I love the color combo of the flowers: dark mauve and buttery yellow. And can we talk about the cut– perfect combo of sexy and ladylike.
  • The Forever 21 men’s pineapple tank is so badass and only $8. NEED! (For myself haha!)
  • This cactus romper is so quirky and summery!
  • Another choker… how pretty is this velvet and rhinestone heart one? LOVE it styled with that model’s red lip, too!

  • This sky blue ruffled MINKPINK one-piece would be a bit of a splurge but I’ve been drooling over it since Cait from Southern Curls and Pearls worse it on her blog last week. So feminine and stunning!
  • Love this saddle crossbody with the subtle single tassel for only $27!! I wonder if the fake leather looks as nice in person as online…
  • Another romper, Maya…? YES but just look at how cute the chambray and crochet lace combo is!!
  • And last but not least these cute lace-up espadrilles! I like the height! I’m not a tall girl who shies away from heels; however, I do like to have some comfy lowish heel options that elongate the leg while keeping me under 6’4 lol. Also, lace-ups are a big trend, either neutral color option (they come in nude and black!) would go with everything, and they’re $30!


As I mentioned the other day, it took me absolutely forever to read The Beautiful and Damned (I finished it at 3 am last night!). Not because it’s isn’t amazing (it is!) but because blogging has been keeping me glued to WordPress, Lightroom, and my social media channels 24/7. Not to mention that I do most of the cooking/cleaning since Stephen is the only one actively working right now.

Anyway I’m not trying to get all “Dog ate my homework” on you. I’m just a prideful former English major and don’t like to admit it took me so long to read such an incredible work of art! 😉

Similarly to the P90x review, I started writing about The Beautiful and Damned in this Mashup and then it got too long and I decided to make it its own article. Coming soon!

In the meanwhile, I had to share two snaps (one is literally from snapchat haha) of my Gloria-inspired lunch the other day. Gloria was a total diva and couldn’t live without her daily tomato sandwich and lemonade. Homegirl had a precise culinary schedule and was prone to Gordon Ramsey-level temper fits when things weren’t perfect. She’s actually a bit of a bee-eye-tee-see-aytch.

But every time F. Scott mentioned her favorite midday meal, I thought, “You know… A tomato sandwich and lemonade sound like a pretty tasty combo!” Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup IMG_9803 And it WAS a pretty tasty combo! 🙂

Please tell me I’m not the only person nerdy enough to eat/drink like my beloved book characters? Remember that time Hemingway inspired me to do some white wine-fueled hiking?

Has anyone read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Everywhere I turn, I see people raving about it!! I feel like a good 1/3 of the bloggers I follow are reading it and Stephen’s cousin Kallie (who is total #momgoals and amazing at everything creative/crafty/aesthetically pleasing/homeandkidrelated) mentioned on her snapchat the other day that she had just read it.

I’m not a naturally super tidy person, which is actually surprising given my personality. Maybe this book would help me bridge the gap between how organized I am in my mind and how organized I am IRL!

My buddy Eric recommend Flowers for Algernon when we were catching up via text yesterday. Perfect timing to include in my Mashup! He also inadvertently reminded me of the fact that I haven’t yet read On the Road… who the heck hasn’t read On the Road? So they’re now both on the “To Read” List.

Has anyone else read anything good lately??


I’ve been making some variation of my favorite smoothie frequently, and have also been whipping up batches of whole wheat sprouted organic pasta with tuna, crab and lots of veggies. I put in the tinnniiieest bit of cheese for flavor and make it creamier with coconut milk.

I ate almond butter and fruit on whole wheat wraps sprinkled with maca and acai power for breakfast basically all of this past week. However, my skin got worse so I ditched the wraps and will not be eating any kind of refined carbs for awhile. It’s gonna be brown rice, steel cut oats, and Kamut (I recently got this and love it!) only as far as carbs go.

I also discovered (after finishing the jar) that my organic almond butter had sugar in it, which probably did not help my skin. I like to think I’m not a victim of “health food buzzwords” but I was totally guilty of thinking, “Oh nice, organic!” and tossing it in the cart without further scrutiny. Always read the ingredients!

Stephen and I had some pretty epic Mexican, margs, and ice cream for date night/cheat night this past weekend (check out the scrumptiousness on my twitter!), so the memory of that goodness should keep me going through the hardcore upcoming no alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, or dairy phase.

Maya UnMarketed | May Mashup
Photo nabbed from the Organic Burst site!

Also, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Organic Burst goodies!!! My friend Kevy recommend them! She messaged me when they were having a popup sale the other day, and I ordered the “Perfect Skin Bundle.” I’m super excited!!! It’s my first time trying both Chlorella and Baobab! I’ll let you know in next month’s Mashup how I liked everything.

Well I think that’s it for now… I’m so excited for this upcoming season of The Bachelorette after last night!! Anyone else?

If you know me in person and know my beautiful little sister, please make sure to wish her a happy birthday! May 24, 1996 was one of the best days of my life! <3

I hope you are all having an amazing day– and month!

Xx, Maya

May/June Wishlist