Maya’s Mid-Monthly Mashup // April

Banana Prep photo from the @wayofgray Instagram! My current fave health/fitness account!

Greetings from the Sunshine State! Stephen and I drove down on Thursday and are having a wonderful time! Adam and Andrea’s wedding was Saturday; it was stunning and a ton of fun! I met some of the coolest people, and they had hands-down the best wedding cake I’ve tasted. It was a tower of little gourmet eclair puffs covered in rich crystallized caramel and flowers.

The bride looked absolutely gorgeous! She had a lace gown with a nude lining that made the intricate lace pop just the right amount, and a long veil trimmed in tiny rhinestones. Her reception dress had a similar fabric style but was short with a cool, kinda geometric hemline, paired with nude wedges and the famous must-have bridal earrings.

I literally took ZERO pictures, but I was having such a great time that I forgot! I also totally got behind on my posting schedule. If you read this post, you saw that I promised to my Mashup on Friday… aaannnd it’s Tuesday afternoon. I am going to have to work on my time management here haha.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about having a designed place for all my thoughts, cravings, ideas, podcast suggestions, random articles, books, health discoveries, etc. There have been quite a few times since I started this blog where I’ve wanted to recommend or ask something but wasn’t quite sure where to put it.

A lot of bloggers have a “Wednesday Wishlist” or “Friday Favorites” or “Friday Five” or “Weekend Reading” or “Monthly Roundup,” so I decided to follow in their footsteps.

I was eager to get started so I didn’t want to wait until the very end of April!

A Florida hibiscus and pretty mosaic! <3

Plus, I thought maybe with a lot of bloggers posting monthly summaries at the beginning or end of the month, you guys would like to get hit with a random dose of inspiration in the middle…? I know it’s already the 26th but in the future I’ll post closer to the 15th!

So without further ado, welcome to the first installment of Maya’s Mid-Monthly Mashup! As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, partial naming credit goes to my man. 😉

Recently, I have been into:

Maca!!! This was without a doubt my #1 best discovery.

I remember about a year and a half ago reading about Miranda Kerr’s famous shake and just getting overwhelmed. I didn’t know what maca or spirulina were, and I kinda just dismissed the whole thing as overly complicated and not affordable. I was expecting to see ingredients like kale and blueberries, not a slew of things I knew nothing about and had to order online instead of getting at the grocery store.

Fastforward to about two months ago, and I ended up looking up Miranda’s shake again on a whim. After a year and a half in the fashion industry, I’d finally learned you can’t afford to not make your health a priority. Plus, I’d gotten more proactive. I actually researched all the ingredients (radical thought, I know!), instead of staring blankly at my screen like, “What the heck is that?!”

So I got online and filled my Amazon Prime cart with my some Miranda Wannabe Things, including this brand of maca and this acai powder. I also bought this vegan protein powder, which wasn’t specifically a Miranda thing, but came highly recommended from one of my friends. The protein powder is sooo good. The vanilla has a very pure natural flavor and almost a bit of a carmel-y finish!

I already ate healthily in general, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that order of nutritious goodies was seriously one of the smartest choices I’ve made all year. Especially the maca!

I always add maca to my morning smoothie or oatmeal (stay tuned for recipes in the future!) and it keeps me full and focused all morning. I assume that’s because it stabilizes your blood sugar. It also does tons of other good things; it would honestly take too long to list all the vitamins, minerals, good carbs, and fiber that are in it. For those interested, this was my favorite article on maca!

Power smoothie bowl with maca and acai!
Power smoothie bowl with maca and acai! I’ll post the recipe soon!

I also just want to encourage anyone out there who’s just starting to get into fitness and healthy eating to research as much as possible. It’s a great way to get educated about what you’re putting in your body, and it makes it feel more like a fun, important hobby rather than an obligation you’re *suffering* through to be skinny (which is how I used to feel when I was younger). Don’t be intimidated or immediately dismissive when you run into something unfamiliar; as cheesy as it may sound, that is part of the adventure!

Working out after my maca smoothie!
“Take care of your body, and it will take care of you!” -Tony from p90x. (He cheerfully screams that during one of the videos and I want to punch him but also love it haha)

So yeah… Nutrient-filled, vitamin-packed, healthy, filling, delicious (it’s an acquired taste but I love it now), and consumed daily by Miranda Kerr. Maca is basically killin the health game!


P.s. It’s not the same as matcha, although that is good stuff as well.

P.p.s. I’m (obviously) not a doctor– talk to yours if you have any questions or concerns!

These Dreamy Pink Shoes
This shoes though. I can’t even. THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS AND AMAZING!!!! 

I love how they feature this season’s biggest shoe trend (lace-ups!) yet they still have a totally unique flair. I feel like they’re basically a modern Barbie dream shoe haha. Should I buy them? I want to, but I am also very focused on the goal of saving for a house, so I keep cheaping out…


The Oh Boy Podcast
The Oh Boy podcast is totally awesome! In my book, anything that combines fashion and accomplished women is a total win. It was created by the amazing Leandra Medine of the renowned blog/fashion empire Man Repeller. I always listen to an episode when I’m cooking or doing the dishes, and it makes chores so much more fun!

One of the early episodes also introduced me to Rebecca Harrington, who is hilarious and so intelligent. I was dying over this article by her, and now I also want to get her book I’ll Have What She’s Having! I swiped the image from this fun Youtube video.

I'll have what she's having
This book sounds crazy and amazing!

Banana Prep
Do you guys follow Way of Gray on insta? Her picture of banana prep a couple weeks ago inspired me to start doing the same. I love it! I’d been putting room temperature bananas in my smoothie bowls for awhile now, but it turns out I like them a lot better overripe and frozen! The texture is thicker and creamier.

Banana Prep photo from the @wayofgray Instagram! My current fave health/fitness account!
Banana Prep photo from the @wayofgray Instagram! My current fave health/fitness account!

Carli Bybel
Obviously Carli Bybel has been big for a long time, but I just recently got obsessed with her! I want to become more professional at doing makeup, so I’ve been watching all her videos. I especially love this brown glam one! I have a lot of oxblood lipsticks, but now I want a full-out brown one. Maybe this lighter shade for summer though?

My Big Annoyance: Not Back-Sleeping
One thing frustrating me this month is that I cannot seem to “train” myself to sleep on my back. I’ve been trying to so hard to sleep on my back. My sister does it and it helps her skin, and one of my mom’s older friends from church who’s 70-something and still looks unbelievably good, said it’s one of her beauty secrets.
Pillows and sheetsSleeping on your back has so many benefits! Your face cream stays on, you’re not rolling around in your own bacteria, you get less wrinkles, you don’t crunch one eye’s worth of eyelashes etc. BUT I literally lie there on my back each night and am completely unable to sleep until I’ve turned on my side and buried my face into the pillow.

At least I have this silk pillowcase (which I treat with the meticulous care of a mother looking after a newborn. I literally wash it on cold gentle cycle with my fancy hippie soap instead of detergent!) but still… I really wish I could sleep on my back. It’s almost hurting my pride at this point, because I hate not being able to do things that I set my mind to.

Has anyone trained themselves to sleep on their back? Any tips for me??

Speaking (sort of) of eyelashes, I was super super excited to finally try Latisse this month! I ordered it about two weeks ago and have been using it approximately two out of three nights. On the off nights and sometimes during the day, I use a coconut oil and castor oil mixture in this little bottle, or sometimes this gentler, far more affordable drugstore serum (which I’ve been using on-off for years. For me, it yields noticeable but not super extreme results!).

I am already starting to see the Latisse results and am obsessed!!!

I was weighing my options for awhile between Latisse and this serum that amazing-lashed bloggers Julia and Emily have both mentioned using. Julia wrote a helpful post about it here and Emily named it as a must-have in this beauty product post.

In the end, I decided to get Latisse because I already have a dermatologist who can prescribe it, so why not just go for the prescription version? My sister’s best friend, who has incredibly long and thick lashes, has been using Latisse forever without any side effects, so that helped sway me. It seemed like a win-win between the two so I just got decisive haha. I will let you know if I ever switch over!

Okay well I think I’m going to stop here! I hope you enjoyed my April favorites (and one non-favorite haha).

Thank you so much for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions, random life suggestions, or anything else! <3

Xx Maya

Red bottlebrush flowers
Bottlebrush are one of my Florida favorites!

4 comments on Maya’s Mid-Monthly Mashup // April

  • Alison

    Great blog post Maya! I unintentionally became a back sleeper when Eric bought me a wonderful memory foam pillow (from groupon of all places, brand- nature’s sleep). It’s not one of those weird contoured ones…just a regular pillow shape. I used to steal his all of the time when I was working overnights so he got me my own when we went back to the same sleep schedule. Anyway, without even meaning to, I started sleeping on my back and I’m convinced that it’s the pillow. It took me a week to get used to such a dense pillow but I love it b/c it’s so supportive. I highly recommend it!

    • Maya (author)

      Oh my gosh!! You just rocked my world! I never even thought of getting a different pillow! My sister started back-sleeping by stacking an additional pillow on each side of her body, but that hasn’t worked for me. I just looked up the Nature’s Sleep brand and they look so nice! If one of those pillows can make you a back sleeper by accident, then I feel like it could definitely do the trick for me after 3 months of on-off trying. I am going to have to take the plunge on that one for sure!

      Thanks so much for commenting! You are my first friend to comment on my blog, besides my mom haha. Love to you and Eric <3

    • Maya (author)

      Thank you so much Vanessa!! <3

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