A Hikable Feast

Me hiking in Caesar's Head

Stephen and I had the most beautiful, craziest hike in Caesars Head, SC a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you about our day!

We left home around 11am armed with granola bars, clementines, and a little Tupperware of homemade black bean burgers and spinach. I gave up animal products and refined sugar for Lent, so the granola bars were all Stephen. I dislike those teeth-injuringly hard Nature Valley ones anyway, and they’re Stephen’s favorite. (He’s crazy– Team Chewy all the way!)

Handsome hubby with his Sancerre

The crowning glory of our picnic was a bottle of Sancerre we got at the post-wedding shower my mother-in-law threw us a couple months ago. We were gifted some delicious bottles from a few guests and saved them. We had the fancy champagne on Valentine’s Day and the robust earthy red on our 6 Monthiversary of marriage–which happened to fall on leap day!

Me hiking in Caesar's Head

We were going to save the third and final shower gift for another special occasion, but we decided that being alive and in love on a Tuesday was occasion enough for anyone.

I have to say that reading A Moveable Feast (which I’ve since finished) also just put me in the mood for some quality day drinking. Hemingway describes all of the food and beverages in Paris so beautifully. You can see the elegantly crafted culinary creations, taste the liters of crisp white wines, and feel the cold glasses of beer sweating in your hand. The joy they brought him permeates the page.

(Yes, I know he was an alcoholic! Stop ruining it for me… Also, speaking of books, ten points to whoever can name the series where they constantly drank Sancerre. Hint: it wasn’t the same caliber of literature as A Moveable Feast lol!)

Me hiking in Caesar's Head

We arrived at Caesar’s Head and set out on an eight mile trail. It wound upwards and straddled the ridge, where could see for miles across the thinned winter forest.

As the first hour of walking drew to a close, we opened the bottle of Sancerre, popping juicy clementine wedges into our mouths between sips. There is something so invigorating about citrus, white wine and sunshine!

Me with the delicious Sancerre

After our break, the trail split and we came to a lookout point. We figured we’d snap some shots of me in front of the panoramic view.

“These are unfortunately a little dark, but we can edit them,” Stephen said from behind the lens. I was a little bummed, as I’ve been masterfully procrastinating the task of learning Lightroom/Photoshop.

Taking in scenic Caesar's Head
“These are unfortunately a little dark, but we can edit them.”

“Let me see,” I said. I stepped down toward Stephen to reach for the camera and my Ray Bans fell off my head in the process. They skidded down the rounded rock toward the edge of the cliff, snagging in the shrubbery at the very edge!

“LEAVE THEM,” Stephen commanded. “They’re way too far down there.”

The glasses were about ten feet below us, but the rock was somewhat sloped with some plants. I knew I could make it down there and back up.

“I am NOT losing my Ray Bans again!” I told Stephen, already scrambling toward the edge of the rock.

To give you the background story, I got a pair of these exact same glasses for my birthday two years ago. Until that point, I’d exclusively bought cheap shades, so I was extremely excited about my first pair of nice ones. I always got a ton of compliments whenever I wore them too.

One of my very first photoshoots, the stylist exclaimed, “Look at these! Gosh, I love when the models bring nice things that we can potentially use.” And another time I wore them, a photographer from Los Angeles told me that the sky-blue shade matched my eyes perfectly.

Both times, I was incredibly flattered. I was timid and awkward, just barely scratching the surface of the fashion industry. We were also pretty broke from the overall cost of living in San Francisco, so quality wardrobe staples were a rarity. It may seem silly, but those compliments from Glamorous Fashion Industry People meant the world to me.

After less than a year of having them, I somehow lost my blue Ray Bans. I was angry with myself; I’m not usually a careless person. But finally this past Christmas, I bit the bullet and asked for the exact same pair. Sometimes you just have to forgive yourself for stupid stuff and start over.

So you can imagine my horror at seeing the brand new glasses entangled in the scraggly underbrush, mere centimeters from what promised to be the Demise of the Ray Bans, Part II.

“Stop, babe!! Dammit! At least let me go down there for you,” Stephen protested.

“I’ve got this!!!!” I shouted dramatically up at him, already lowering myself into the bushes. I knew the frail plants would provide decent grips for a climber my size, whereas someone Stephen’s size could easily tear them up by the roots.

The shrubbery clawed at my arms as I strategically slid my feet down the rock.

With my right hand anchored to the powdery trunk of a small bush, I stretched my left arm toward the sunglasses… A little closer… A little closer…



Me after rescuing my Ray Bans

I triumphantly stashed the rescued Ray Bans in my workout pants and hoisted myself up the cliff face, feeble branch by feeble branch. Stephen reached down, caught my arms and dragged me up the last few feet of my climb. He examined my scraped shoulders, shaking his head in mild disapproval and obvious relief. Giddy with adrenaline, I made him take another few pictures of me and my glasses.  

Me after rescuing my Ray Bans
So satisfied after my semi-stupid decision. *Monkey hands over eyes emoji*

The rest of the hike passed less eventfully. It was glorious weather and the path plunged steeply into the valley. We took a second picnic break at the base of the cliff that I didn’t fall down. I showed off my Russian Dancer yoga pose, though I may have cheated by opening my hip too far for extra height. I called it “The Basic Bitch on the Beach” pose because of its frequency in girls’ nature instagrams. I tend to think I’m hilarious when I’m drunk off 2 glasses of wine.

Me doing forest yoga

A couple streams flowed across our path later in the hike. Splashing through the clear water was rejuvenating.

Stream in the forest

My hands in the water

Stephen by the streamWe were tired by this point, and needed to keep a steady pace to be back by dusk. When we finally reached the trailhead, our little Nissan Altima was the most welcoming sight in the world. There was a raven in the parking lot, which made me think of my Edgar Allen Poe anthology gathering dust somewhere. I should actually read it sometime.

Trees in the forest

Stephen and I drove home, jamming out to a top 40 radio station (I’m low key obsessed with “No” by Meghan Trainor!) and looking forward to the tofu chickpea veggie saute I’d promised to make. The saute turned out well. Stephen had a glass of sherry with his, which I thought was very Hemingway of him. And don’t even get me started on the weird nicknames! “Tatie” and “Bumby” have nothing on the bizarre things Stephen and I call each other! 

I carefully put away my Ray Bans.

All in all, the day was–dare I say it?–one for the books!

Cliff with blue sky

This (obviously) wasn’t a fashion post, but for anyone wondering:

  • The star of this post: my favorite Ray Bans!!!
  • Workout pants are my go-to pair from Old Navy. The quality is insanely good; similar here and here!
  • Jacket
  • Tank (I think it’s this one. I have a million simple Forever 21 tanks and tees in my closet…)
  • Sports bra

Nikes (similar here) are super old, which is why I demoted them to hiking shoes. I need to get some real hiking boots! Thinking about snagging a cheap pair from Wal-Mart like Stephen did recently. As you can tell by my jacket link, I am not opposed to picking up the occasional clothing item from there! They have some great sportswear and fun PJs.

To those of you who have stumbled on my little blog on its third post– THANK YOU! I appreciate you so much. 🙂



p.s. Oh and just because trivia always provides the answers at the end… I was referring to the 50 Shades series earlier. Christian and Ana drank Sancerre like it was their job!

Peaceful forest