Mother/Daughter GNO

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

As I’ve gotten older and my mom’s¬†started liking dining out more (she used to not be that big of a foodie but I think I’ve rubbed off on her ūüėČ ) we’ve started enjoying¬†more and more girls’ nights out together!¬†My mother¬†always prioritized being a mom over being a “bestie” when I was younger, and I’m eternally¬†grateful for that. However, now that I’m an adult and all that jazz, it’s fun to have her as a mom AND a bestie!

When my sister, mom and I were all¬†in St. Pete around New Years, we discovered the¬†amazingness that is Ruth’s Chris happy hour. So many delicious menu items and cocktails go down to only $9, and I love the vibe of the new(ish) St. Pete Sundial. My mom and I couldn’t resist¬†a repeat GNO¬†when Stephen and I were down in April!

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

“I wish Phia were here too! We should text her!”

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

This scarf is my favorite! I got it at a Milan street market!

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

The Royal Street Gin and Tonic has pink peppercorns and rosemary. So scrumptious! Also I’ve not yet outgrown taking *subtle* ring shots at every opportunity ūüėȬ†Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

Cheers!!Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

The steak sandwich was amazing!

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

Walking to The Canopy through the Sundial! I think at least 3 people told me and my mom we look alike that night. I can only hope I look like this when I’m almost 59!!Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

Like mother, like daughter when it comes to loving prosecco!

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

Simple OOTN:

  • Tank¬†(under $5!)
  • Shorts¬†(on sale for 15.99! I also love the faux leather version)
  • ASOS shoes, sold out (similar–LOVE these and they’re only¬†$36!, similar but strappier for $46)
  • Scarf from a Milan street market¬†(similar!).

    When I searched “nautical silk scarves” I also fell in madly love with¬†this regal red Hermes one….. which¬†only costs $4oo NBD (I actually own a pink Hermes scarf that I got for my wedding! It’s so beautiful I don’t want to bring it out into the big scary dirty world with me lol. Maybe soon.)

    On a budget-friendlier note, this uniquely shaped floaty floral scarf is only $25 and this pretty cream one is also on sale! And this gold and cobalt blue one looks more luxe than the $40 price tag would suggest!)

  • Forever 21 hoop earrings, sold out
  • Decadent Peach” lipstick ($6)

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

Downtown St. Pete is so beautiful!

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNOMaya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

Cool colorful canopies at The Canopy!

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

…annndddd two more outfit pics before heading to the car at the end of a great night! (Don’t worry, the only drinks we had were the ones pictured– two each over the course of¬†4+ hours and a heavy dinner!)

This outfit was one of my go-tos when most of my clothes were still in boxes after the move. Needless to say, black on black is so easy! And I feel like this scarf needs a relatively neutral palette anyway.

I still love the combo, despite obviously having my wardrobe unpacked! The Bermudas are boyish; the scarf (similar), topknot and flats (I wish they were still in stock!) are elegant, and the hoops provide a pop of girly sass.

Writing this has taken me back to the balmy feeling of an early Florida evening. Nothing beats alfresco sipping and steak-ing with my wonderful Mami!

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I may or may not have browsed scarves for a good half hour… Surprised to see this preppy green and navy¬†Ralph Lauren one for so cheap!

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