Mother’s Day Brunch

Maya UnMarketed | Mother's Day Brunch

Good morning everyone! I hope your morning has been cheerful and caffeinated so far! 🙂

Remember the Mother’s Day brunch I mentioned in my Beach Rompin’ post? Here it is, it all its delicious glory!

Of course, we had to take a couple outfit snaps before we sat down!!

I love this ruffled silk blouse! (Sadly sold out, similar here and here.) I feel like the 3-minute florescent-lit photoshoot doesn’t do it full justice, but it is really beautiful in person. Plus, you can’t beat getting a pure silk blouse for only $19.99!
DSC_1873At least my pretty pink lipstick translated nicely on camera! It’s actually not even mine; it was one my sister left behind at my mom’s place when she headed to college almost 2 years ago haha. But I pulled it out of the bathroom drawer and gave it some love! It’s a sweet and dainty shade for spring, don’t you think?

I wish I’d brought it back to NC and could look up the exact details, but I remember it was a Covergirl and this one in “Phantom Pink” is extremely similar. DSC_1869My palest blush nail polish has also been on repeat! It’s called “Ballet Slippers” but it reminds me more of seashells! Maybe I just have summer on the brain though…DSC_1855The server actually remembered Stephen’s order, even though The Hangar is a newish family tradition. We’ve been once (maybe twice!) a year the past couple years. So we were all seriously impressed when she looked at him and said, “Chicken and waffles, right?”

I guess I’ve got myself a memorable guy 😉 DSC_1878So, so good!!! That’s a spicy maple sauce and sausage gravy on top! (I may have tried a bite…)Maya UnMarketed | Mother's Day BrunchMy sweet man with two of his favorite ladies!

The only time you’ll catch Stephen ordering sweets at brunch is if there’s lots of savory action on top! Usually I’m the one ordering waffles (I prefer mine with fruit and lots of whipped cream instead of chicken), but these Flying Fish Tacos were to die for! DSC_1879Maya UnMarketed | Mother's Day BrunchOur Mother’s Day celebration was incredible! I’m the most blessed daughter and daughter-in-law!!

Fun fact: my mom and Stephen’s mom were actually friends long before we even got together!

Sometimes I take for granted that everyone is so close but then I’ll see some kind of media reference to the stereotypical daughter-in-law/MIL relationships or hear about a given couple’s families of origin not getting along… and I re-remember how lucky I am.

Like all families, we are not always perfect– but days like this sure are!! <3

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I know this is a bit belated, but at least it’s not as belated as my Easter post, right haha?

Have an amazing, delicious, and love-filled Thursday!



Outfit Details:

Silk Blouse: H&M (Sold out, super similar sky blue top here [only $11 and so cute!!] other similar blue silk blouses here and here.)

Shorts: Vintage Bongo (from Dechoes– the same vintage store I got the Calvin Klein jean shorts seen here and here)

Mules: Cato (similar, similar but lighter brown)

Earrings: Forever 21 (they were my bridesmaids’ earrings! so nostalgic! Similar, similar, colorful chandelier pair that isn’t similar but SO cute and on major sale)

Lipstick: Borrowed Covergirl (this one in “Phantom Pink” is extremely similar)

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