New Apartment Moodboard!

New Apartment Moodboard! | Maya UnMarketed

Well, well, well…

Look at me getting another post up during this supposedly *busy* week!!

I guess I can’t pat myself on the back too hard, since this is basically the easiest move in the history of moves. (Stephen and I sold all our furniture when we left SF, plus my mom already took a couple boxes down.)

Also it’s genuinely hard to stay away from Maya UnMarketed– especially when I’m excited!!! As cheesy as it sounds, I am just so passionate about my little creative space.

Stephen and I are renting a one-bedroom apartment in an amazing St. Pete location and I can’t wait to decorate it! To make a small space seem bigger, make sure you introduce plenty of light and white, for example White doors. While in NC, we had been staying in my father-in-law’s second house, which he was generous enough to let us borrow while we figured out whether we wanted to move to Asheville, Raleigh or Charlotte lol.

Little did we know it was St. Pete!!! Super excited about the change in plans!

So anyway, we’ve been living in an already-furnished home for 9 months, and we lived in a small studio apartment for the almost two years before that. Our SF place was cute and I like to think I did a decent job with the space, but its size was very limiting overall. Stephen and I moved in together while I was still in college (I had just turned 21 and felt SO ADULT to live with my boyfriend haha) but I didn’t really care about home decor at the time.

WE'RE MOVING TO FLORIDA!!! | Maya UnMarketed
This and the feature image were both taken at Splurge, a home decor shop in Asheville. Love!

This really feels like a landmark move! Not only is it a move “back home,” but it’s our first real move as a married couple. I sort of see it as a continuation of the move away from SF, since living in my FIL’s vacation home was obviously temporary from the start.

Also, most importantly (joking. kinda.) it’s our first move where I’m VERY into home decor!


We are going to be “shopping the moms” first because both my mom and MIL have some stuff in St. Pete storage. We are going to be inheriting a piece or two from Stephen’s late grandmother, and I’m finally going to be laying claim to the family armoire my mother has been saving for me. It’s dark, reddish wood (cherry maybe?!) and I’m absolutely in love!

So if this list seems incomplete, it’s because we’re not buying everything new. However, I still wanted to share what items ARE on the “To Buy” list and just my overall vision/moodboard for the new place!!! 🙂

Also please don’t mind the fact that some of these are crazy expensive. (There’s literally a Picasso in my art widget!) I just wanted to curate an overall vibe without leaving out anything I liked, so this post definitely includes some items that are out of my actual price range. Here goes…


A big, nice, new TV for Stephen. That sweet hardworking man deserves it!!


A black couch. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I’m envisioning black… I might change my mind though. Here are some couches I’m loving!


Lace or chiffon curtains. I’m obsessed with lace curtains! (Those and fine china are my two ultra-feminine, old-fashioned obsessions.) I saved these from Macy’s to my Pinterest right before heading to Canada and they’re now sold out. SO UPSET. Why did I not just BUY them?!?

So now I don’t know what to get. I have a fairly eclectic taste in art, so maybe it was meant to be that my favorite frilly curtains are gone? Maybe lace is overdoing it? Maybe I should just go with a more subtle white voile option instead…?


Aforementioned eclectic art. I love art!!

…said every basic bitch trying to be cultured, ever.

No but seriously. I do love art.

We already own a stunning print by my friend Emily, which I definitely plan on hanging up again. I don’t believe it’s on her site anymore, but I’ll include a photo when I eventually post my apartment tour!

I’m currently very into cows and figures. Aggressive combo, I know. Hah. But it looks good in my mind’s eye! Plus if there’s ever a time to pull off nudes and bold art… it’s before we have Tiny Trevathans running around asking, “Mommy, why is the lady on the wall nakey?!” If cows and figures aren’t for you though then you should check out something like these art prints if you want some other suggestions on what to get for you apartment as well!

I think this weird gem from Bluefly is so cool, and Stephen says he can make something similar for me in Photoshop so we don’t have to pay $200-350 for it. YASSS!! I love that idea, not only because of the money but because it’d be much more personal. I can’t wait to see what he creates– or maybe even co-create it with him! I also feel like I could easily draw similar things to both this and this. (Sorry Urban Outfitters, but I’m about to DIY yo stuff.)

Oh and not to mention my mom has a large pink abstract multimedia piece and a couple other paintings. She has amazing taste in art and I can’t wait to shop her garage!


Sweet, cheerful art. These are basically my Kitchen Maybes!! I have this vision of the living room being cool, classic and somewhat edgy, the bedroom being airy and light, and the kitchen being girly, cheerful and a even a tad preppy.


A white duvet. I’m torn between Option One and Option Two. Both are from Target, 100% cotton and very affordable. I was about to buy the first when my mom and sister both said they like the second a lot better. Currently crippled by INDECISION!!!

I was also initially obsessed with this ultra girly Lauren Conrad one but Stephen vetoed it and I might have gotten tired of it pretty quickly too lol. SO MUCH FRILL.


I’m obsessed with white, silver or gold antlers/skulls/deer heads. Remember when I talked about Georgia O’Keefe and my new ring in this post?

Here’s the thing though: Stephen hates them. It’s a bit out of character for him to care about home decor (aside from vetoing Lolita-esque all-over-ruffled beds… which I can understand haha) but for some reason he is very anti “stupid white trendy deer heads.”

Check this out… we even got in a hilarious/obnoxious Twitter fight BACK IN 2014 WHEN [STUPID] WHITE TRENDY DEER HEADS FIRST STARTED COMING INTO STYLE.

New Apartment Moodboard! | Maya UnMarketed

WE'RE MOVING TO FLORIDA!!! | Maya UnMarketed

Anyway… I’ll let you know how this two-year battle turns out. If you see some of my picks in my apartment tour post, you’ll know I won Stephen won because HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE. 😉

p.s. For some reason this print wouldn’t add to my widget. A couple months ago one of my favorite bloggers posted a different piece by the same artist, and I ended up lurking the artist’s Etsy for a good half hour, absolutely drooling over everything I saw. Seriously LOVE her stuff! And it’s so affordable! I think I’m going to buy that print for sure… It’s not even technically a deer head haha.


Bathroom touches. Not even gonna lie, our new bathroom is so ugly it’s almost cool. No, really. It’s ALL PINK TILE. A seventies- or eighties-style shade of pink.

I don’t care that much about the bathroom; I’m just going to keep it as crisp and streamlined as possible with an additional mirror and all white touches. Last year I added, removed, added, removed these pretty towels (which I wanted with a “T” obviously, but it’s funny that the featured image is “M”!) from our wedding registry so. many. times. I loved them, but I didn’t want to overstuff our tiny apartment when we already had enough towels. One year later, I still love them and may or may not need to treat myself!


Dark wood. I love dark wood, especially with reddish hues! I think I want to get some furniture pieces to match the shade of the armoire. I’m not really positive though, because it could make the room too dark with the potential black couch. But also maybe the bright statement art and white curtains would balance it out?

Also, speaking of brightening the vibe, I’ll probably get large mirrors for the living room and bedroom as well.


I don’t have a specific last category, so I’m just going to link a bunch of random stuff I like. The OCD part of me couldn’t stop at nine, ya know? I was going to add a super cheesy list item like “Love and happiness” for our home but I decided to spare you this time! 😉

I hope you liked my picks!!!

If you are knowledgeable about home decor, know of any gems in St. Pete store-wise (or even yardsale-wise!), or just generally have any opinions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love input, especially since I’m a newbie when it comes to decorating!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I’m looking forward to mine!!! *heart eyes*

And as always, thank you so much for reading!

xx Maya

p.s. Before I go, I have a small confession… I broke down and bought my fave earrings from Wednesday’s post! For $6.50, it’d have been a waste of money to NOT buy them (#logic), plus I think non-hoop-circle-involving earrings are about to be a thing. 😉