Sales & Wishlists & Diets & Florida & Blogging Talk

Sales & Wishlists & Diets & Florida & Blogging Talk

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far as a blogger, is the fact that I’m a total sale shopper.

Being a sale shopper is awesome! I mean, as the great Man Repeller said the other day, looking good and owning your own home one day should not be mutually exclusive.

That being said, it’s kinda disappointing when I grab a clearance gem that I’m excited to feature on Maya UnMarketed….. and then it goes out of stock before it even arrives in the mail–let alone allowing time for styling, shooting, and post production (hehe post production is a double entendre here; I didn’t even notice!).

Anyway, the chic mockneck ballerina blouse in the featured image was one of those pieces, as was my amazing pack of faux pearl rings for $2.99. It was also true of the bardot top in my selfie below.

I mean, given the amazing prices I paid for all these items I can’t really complain, but do you guys feel my predicament? I want to be true to myself (and budget!) and stay a sale shopper, but at the same time I want to give readers access to the items I feature in case they like them too!

(I linked the items in case they come back in stock, and also tagged some super cute H&M bardot tops in my brand new Shop My Instagram section. I’m particularly obsessed with this one! Splashy turquoise and pink roses in a trendy and feminine shape = perfection. It also comes in black-and-white palm print and a gentle shade of yellow.)

Sales & Wishlists & Diets & Florida & Blogging Talk

Anyway, I figured I’d give you a little update on some cute stuff I’ve been eyeballing so if you like it you can snag it before I even make the final shopping cart edit.

First and foremost, the H&M sale is still going strong! 

Not all of the items below are officially on sale but they’re all affordable. The white high waisted shorts are such a steal at $9.99. The crepe dress doesn’t look like much in the widget but it looks really good on the model! And it’s $18 marked down from $50, which I always find hard to resist. Also, can you believe the caramel colored espadrille sneakers are real suede for $25?! They were originally $60– luxe by H&M standards! 😉


I spent some quality time on the ASOS site yesterday as well. I’ve been dying over their current shoe selection! Can you spy a theme on the first page haha?

Don’t worry, if you’re not in the market for pointy toed flats, there are some sandals and a really cool pair of pink sneaks when you scroll right. 😉 All my picks are under $50 and some are a lot less!

Speaking of clothes, I can’t wait to shoot in Florida!

I saved my Forever 21 buys for the more sunny, Florida-esque backdrop. My ruffle-trimmed mustard and blue floral midi dress has gone out of stock and re-come back into stock two or three times in the last couple months (I’d had my eye on it awhile before purchasing; it’s so delightfully Little House on the Prairie!) and I hope it will stay in stock until I shoot and edit it. *fingers crossed*

I’ve also been meaning to find stock images for the long-promised “Eight Types of Guy You Should Never Date.” I’ve only found the weirdest photos for free, and I obviously can’t shoot my own images for that haha. (How awk would it be if I got the hubby to model, considering the topic lmao?!)

In general, I’ve been trying to find an overall direction for Maya UnMarketed.

Anyone who knows about tech *marketing* (IRONY lol) and gaining any traction in the digital sphere knows about “niching down” (i.e. focusing on one specific topic) but I kinda still just want to write about everything and let things evolve…

For any of you missing my food/recipe updates, my diet’s been the same as usual. No earth shatteringly new finds like the maca or banana prep in I talked about back in this post. I think my sugar intake has crept up a little bit, and I’ve been noticing an annoying increase in my stubborn patch of butt/back of the thigh cellulite. I know I’m thin and some of you are probably rolling your eyes but cellulite is partly genetic, partly diet-related. Unfortunately even a small amount of fat can display itself in that annoying orange peel texture! I think mine is also due to not being athletic at all in my younger years.

As I mentioned Wednesday, Stephen and I are headed to St. Pete today (for those who don’t know: I’m talking about St. Petersburg, FL, which is in the Tampa area. My mom, mother-in-law, and stepfather-in-law all live there! I spent the last two years of high school there, including meeting Stephen [but not yet dating] my Junior year.)

I tend to drink/eat out more in St. Pete because that’s where most of our friends live, but when I get back I’m so excited to start the 30-Day Complete Transformation Program by Juice Plus. I’d been interested in Juice Plus for awhile and hadn’t taken the plunge yet, but my father-in-law and his fiancé Tomey (who is a virtual franchise owner) very generously decided to treat me.

I’m hoping that’ll help with the cellulite (I need to start dry brushing more often too!) and of course the ever-present acne issue. Some Juice Plus “Before/After” acne pics are absolutely unreal! I’m still going to do Accutane no matter what (I start in 3 weeks after I fail my second legally mandated pregnancy test… You have to fail two tests exactly a month to 45 days apart. Accutane is hardcore!), but if I continue taking the JP supplements past the initial 30 day transformation program and do them longterm, it’ll be good to know I’m boosting my health and immune system while on such a strong drug. The JP items are basically fruits and veggies in high condensed doses, made into a tablet, shake or chewable. I’ll talk more about it in the future and of course let you know my results!

Anyway, sorry this post has been kind of random! To be honest, a lot of times when I write content for my blog, I go on crazy tangents and then end up trimming many, many paragraphs. Today I just allowed it to be a little free write!

I definitely plan on working on some longer, more in-depth posts in the future, but I want them to be intentional and about one topic. Posts like The Confident Girl’s Guide to Social Media-ing and Lounge & Lingerie & Life Lessons were well-received (thank you!! <3) and I truly hope/believe the advice column articles could be helpful in young women’s lives. I know, I know… I think MY advice is good advice. SHOCKER! 😉

I mentioned the romantic advice post earlier, which will probably be my next long one. I also wrote a Survival Guide for Sensitive Women (another long post with mostly personal examples!) 8-9 months ago before I even had a real website. I’m going to dig that out of the archives too, and see if it’s something worth sharing!

Please feel free to make topic suggestions if you have any! 🙂


Happy weekend!!

xx Maya