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Maya UnMarketed | Vacation Vibes

Good morning and happy Memorial Day weekend!

This isn’t a full-on post, but I wanted to let everyone know what we were up to!

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As I mentioned in the postscript of this post, Stephen and I are headed camping in eastern Tennessee with our friends Eric and Alison! I’m so excited!! We leave in a few hours and will be back Tuesday afternoon.

We are going for a bike ride on Saturday– something I actually haven’t done in a long time and am thrilled about! And of course lots of hiking! I love to be outdoors. 🙂

We picked up so much good stuff at the store the other day, too! I am especially excited about the s’mores ingredients, the mini chocolate almond milk boxes, my Werther’s caramels, the pineapple gin, the organic pomegranate “pop tarts” (may have taste tested some this morning!), the mini Reeses cups, and the many bottles of wine. Can you spy a theme?!


My savory man is most excited about his burgers, brats and chips n’ dip!

Of course, we’re bringing lots of fruit, nuts and veggies too! Plus my pillbox with my crazy vitamin regimen is coming along. (I was thinking about doing a post on that sometime! Are you guys interested…?)

Maya UnMarketed | Vacation Vibes
The vitamin addiction is real!

More important than the activities or food is of course the company! Alison and Eric are tons of fun!

Eric and Stephen spent this week exchanging absurd text messages about how they’re going to drunkenly run into the woods and hunt down bears. I love how the married attorney and businessman are cracking themselves up about bear hunts– probably the same kind of thing they joked about when they first made friends in elementary school. Men… gotta love ’em haha.

Speaking of being married and drinking (lol) I have a funny, somewhat cheesy story about Stephen and Eric from when we were younger.

They were in their Senior year of college, and Eric was thinking of proposing to Alison, with whom he’d been together since their Freshman year. One night over Christmas break, Stephen and Eric were out for a boys night and I got a semi-coherent text message from Stephen asking whether I “wanted a ring on it”!!!

(At the time, I was a college Sophomore and Stephen and I had been together about 6 months. Not typically the point of a relationship that involves marriage talk–at least not when you’re that young…)

As much as I knew it had to be some sort of misunderstanding or shenanigans, I couldn’t help but blush and feel warm inside. And I was extremely irritated with my heart for skipping a beat.

I felt like a *cool, independent woman* should have felt annoyed, eye-rolly, or shocked– rather than embarrassedly excited. But as much as my just-turned-20-year-old self hated to admit it, the thought, “YES!!! Yes, Stephen, I would indeed like your ring ‘on it’!” whooshed through my mind before I even had time to suppress it.

My phone lit up again with another text:


The next day, Stephen explained that a beer-and-emotion-filled Eric had been nervous about his upcoming proposal and wanted a girl’s opinion on whether we Crazy Mysterious Female Beings even wanted things like rings on it.

A couple months later, he directed the question at Alison and discovered that she was indeed down with some bling and a big commitment! 😉

Their wedding was the first peer wedding that Stephen and I attended; it definitely felt like a landmark of sorts! I remember thinking, “Wow, someone my boyfriend’s age is becoming a husband.”

Maya UnMarketed | Vacation Vibes
Me and this dapper Groomsman at Eric and Alison’s wedding!

Time really flies. A good 2/3 of Stephen’s friends are now married, and one is even about to become a dad!

Only one of my close friends my age is married (although a lot of Stephen’s buddy’s wives have become my friends as well!), but that number is about to change to two…

After we come back on Tuesday, my unpacking is going to segue straight into packing and making sure I have my ducks in a row for Avery and Nick’s wedding! I talked a bit about it in a P.S. on my Power Smoothie Bowl post.

I’m flying into Punta Gorda on Thursday afternoon, renting a car to get to Naples, and staying through Sunday. I’m going stag because Stephen can’t take that much time off work, but I’m extremely excited to see my awesome group of college girlfriends! My friends Hailey and Lindsey and I are rooming together and I can’t wait!!

My Boohoo order from the sale I talked about arrived two days ago and the black midi dress is SO pretty!!! And great quality, too! It had that type of material where I wasn’t positive it’d look as good in person as online (it can be hard to tell with the cheaper retailers!), but it thankfully did.

I’m very excited about everything I got! The mauve and blush long-sleeved romper with little white pompoms is probably my other favorite, but the bright blue elephant print romper (sold out but they still have a size 10 red one!) is so much fun. And the loose paisley sundress is a perfect casual summer outfit.

For the wedding, I’m probably going to pair the black dress with my rhinestone chandelier earrings (worn in this post and this post) or the slightly more subtle Givenchy earrings that I wore for my own wedding. Shoes will be either my pointy-toe nude Kurt Geiger heels (this pair is very similar to mine– and more affordable!) or one of my many pairs of black ones. Hopefully I’ll be able to wing an outfit shoot, even without the hubtographer present.

(Have you guys seen the Instagram Husbands video?! So funny!! …and sadly accurate.) 

WOW this got way longer than expected. I had a journalism professor at FSU who always told me I needed to “trim the fat” haha. Guess my writing is just as fattening as all the s’mores, champagne, and wedding cake I’m about to consume in the next week and a half… 😉

Talk you all in early June!

I have a cute GNO with my mom, my The Beautiful and Damned post, an Asheville day trip,  “What’s in My Grocery Shopping Cart,” and “Eight Guys You Should Never Date” all in the works! Stay tuned!!

Most importantly, please have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day. Thank you so much to those who serve this beautiful nation of ours!



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