Affordable Workout Wear Wishlist

Forever 21 sports bra, Nike shorts and Saucony shoes

I feel like one of the biggest mental blocks people have when it comes to being healthy and in shape is that it’s “expensive.”

We see the trendy organic juice bars on Instagram, we have friends who swear by their $30 per class visits to Soul Cycle, and we are encouraged to think new Lululemon will force us into the gym.

DSC_1099I enjoy the occasional visit to a hipster juice bar, and I treat myself to a Soul Cycle class every now and then. And Lululemon certainly does have some cute stuff!

BUT keep in mind that you do not need these things to be healthy. You can scope out which local grocery stores have the best produce for the best price. When there are sales on fruit, you can buy extra to pre wash, slice, and freeze for future smoothies. (Did you see my mention of banana prep in this post?)

You can stock up on steel cut oats and green tea when they are BOGO. You can get a nice sized bag of spinach at Trader Joe’s for $1.99. You can go on runs for free and you can drink lots of water for (basically) free.


As I mentioned in this post, every woman has her own spending priorities. If an amazing $74 Alexander Wang sports bra makes your heart go pitter patter, I don’t want to deprive you of that!

However, yesterday I got yet another compliment on the Forever 21 workout pants I was wearing (a different pair than the Norts in these pictures!), and it inspired me to put together a collection of cheap and awesome workout gear. The pants are not online anymore but they are the pair that match this still-available bra, which I’m debating getting! I didn’t see the bra when I got the pants, and it’d be fun to have the matching outfit.


I buy a good 85% of my workout clothes from Old Navy and Forever, and have never been disappointed by the quality.

I have (and love!) this simple sports bra and these spandex shorts. I got the bra I’m wearing in the pictures pretty recently, but it’s already nowhere to be found online. That’s why I want to act on my current cravings before they are snapped up at the speed of a sprinter who’s just taken pre-workout! 😉

For example, I would bet you my entire collection of workout gear that this sexy $6 number and this chic and unique gem (IMO this looks so much more high end than the $8 price tag!) will probably not be online for long. I think I like it better in black but the white is so crisp for summer… What do you guys think?

EDIT: Wow, okay just kidding; it just went back up to $46!!! *bawling eyes out emoji* See what I mean about striking while the iron’s hot though?

Forever 21 workout bra

You really don’t have to break the bank to be super cute and comfy at the gym– or to be healthy in general. You could check out womens workout shorts at Ryderwear if you’re after great style from your gym wear. Here’s to that feeling you get after a great deal or a great sweat sesh!!!

Xx Maya

My outfit details:

Sports bra: Forever 21 (sold out)

Shorts: Nike (old, similar here)

Shoes: Saucony Jazz Low Pro (Sneakers are the thing I’m willing to invest more in, but these were actually only $40! I also love the black, white and eggshell Jazz Originals that’ve been marked from $123 to $50!)

Saucony shoes