ASOS’ Bag Game is So Strong Right Now

ASOS bags

{My feature image is a screenshot of part of the widget… Go down to shop! ūüôā }


I think I may be moving in the direction of some shorter posts.

My internet marketer Mister always told me that was optimal anyway, but it can be tough since my natural style is more long-winded. Like most English Majors/writers, I JUST LOVE ME SOME WORDS.

But today¬†I wanted to skip the verbiage in favor of the baggage. ūüėČ ¬†I’ve been drooling, and I think you might too. Can the velvet trend stay around forever?!

I’m also really into these two from H&M…

Cute, right?

Also, a few more things before I go:

  1. Snapchat is my most-used social media right now; make sure to friend me @mayaes. I still can’t get into Instagram stories…
  2. I think Stephen and I are getting a pumpkin today, and it’ll only be our 2nd ever (the other year was 2013 I believe). Idk how that happened, but we need to up our holiday game!!! I’m talking about real pumpkins, but my MIL also recently¬†got these glass pumpkins from Pier 1 and I’m obsessed.
  3. Stephen and I also need Halloween costumes before Saturday.
  4. I want to get back into Pure Barre; I miss it.
  5. Does anyone have any eye cream recommendations?
  6. I turn 26 soonish.
  7. I don’t know whether I meant #5 to be related to #6 or not…
  8. The Accutane is working wonders. I have insane night sweats each night (sorry that’s gross) and nosebleeds (sorry again) but it’s SO WORTH IT. More on that to come.
  9. I was so obsessed with my Juice Plus+ results that I became a rep. Much, much more on that to come!!!
  10. I recently got the following pretty things/workout basics from Forever 21:


I also got 3 other simple sweaters I can’t find online anymore. Simple sweaters are the best! I paired my¬†new seafoam turtleneck (one of the ones I can’t find ūüôĀ ) with the mesh-accented workout leggings for a little athleisure look when we went to work at the Station House on Monday. I’m usually¬†cold, even when I’m downing delicious coconut milk cappuccinos.

These bad boys from H&M are next! Especially the one in the middle. 

I hope this lovely Wednesday morning finds you all safe, healthy, and happy!!!


Maya xx