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Maya UnMarketed | Beach Rompin'

Good afternoon and happy Friday!

As I mentioned in this post, Stephen and I were recently in St. Petersburg, FL for a wedding. Since both our moms live there, we also got to celebrate an early Mother’s Day! DSC_1759DSC_1766The morning of our “Mother’s Day” (exactly a week before the official day), my mom and I headed to St. Pete beach for a relaxing walk and swim. We grabbed some Dunkin’ Donuts lattes to tide us over until our noon brunch date.
DSC_1845The beach was so serene in the earlier hours of the morning–a refreshing change from my usual mid-afternoon visits! The sand was dewey instead of baked, the waves rolled in lightly, and a handful of sweet power-walking elderly couples replaced the usual throngs of tourists.
DSC_1780My mom and I decided to go for a stroll too, talking about our dreams, ambitions, and desires. We had “What does heaven look like?” conversations. What would happen in the next 5, 10, 25 years if we were the sole painters of our canvases? How methodically should one count her brush strokes? Is coloring outside the lines overrated? Are there even lines? If so, did we pencil them in ourselves?

I wore the soft lace romper that I’d gotten for Stephen’s and my wedding week last August. At the time I almost didn’t buy it because I thought it’d be “pointless” to have an almost PJ-level of casual bridal outfit, but it was surprisingly my most-worn wedding week piece!

In the midst of my bachelorette bash outfit choices and rehearsal dinner shoe indecision, I totally underestimated how much of that busy week would actually require easy, functional clothing. I must’ve worn this romper for at least 5 airport pickups, a coffee date, a last minute crafting-and-wine night, and my final gown fitting.

So for any of you brides-to-be who still need to finish your white outfit shopping, I definitely recommend a comfy casual piece like mine (this one is very similar!). I am also currently loving this sweet and airy crochet-detailed number (under $18) and this absolutely gorgeous chiffon romperthe plunging neckline, long sleeves, and rosy lace remind me of my actual wedding gown!

Bonus: every time you wear your white romper to the beach or around the house, you’ll be pleasantly reminded of your big day!DSC_1736DSC_1774Back to the beach trip…

The sun went from lukewarm to hot, and our frothy coffees from hot to lukewarm. A stately heron graced us with her presence. My mom and I are both very tall, so maybe she felt like we were her spirit animals humans! 😉

After our walk, we bravely plunged into the still-chilly ocean. I was expecting to jump in and right back out, but we swam out pretty far and stayed in for a half hour. It was my favorite part of the beach trip!DSC_1838DSC_1822Maya UnMarketed | Beach Rompin'My swimsuit is from ASOS a couple seasons ago, but the most similar one I could hunt down is this sexy mauve For Love and Lemons bikiniI ADORE the straps on that top!! Also, this tropical high-waist pink one is similar and so is this adorable shell-print.
DSC_1836When we emerged from the cool currents, I felt invigorated to my core. After bit of salty sandy lounging, we headed back home to get ready for brunch with Stephen and his mom! Since I got so many pictures that day, I’m going to separate brunch out into another post. We went to The Hangar and I wore this ruffled sky blue silk blouse, which is currently marked from $50 to $20! 🙂

Also, to those of you I know in real life, thank you so much for the kind words yesterday. I unveiled my blog on my personal Facebook account and was overwhelmed (in the best way!) by your love and positivity!

I was actually a bit shy about my blog. I find posts like The Confident Girl’s Guide to Social Media-ing and Lounge & Lingerie & Life Lessons easier to share with the digital web of the world than with people whose flesh hands I’ve shaken, whose shoulder blades have rippled under real cotton during real hugs, whose lips have formed smiles with mine and whose eyes have sparkled during conversation.

People I look up to, people I cherish, people I’ve worked with and gone to school with. It’s different to give them a window into my innermost thoughts. You know what I mean?

I mean, I talked about the time a mere food truck festival left me feeling broke and unsophisticated and pathetic. I talked about my crippling focus on others’ perception of me and self-absorbed scans of the Tallahassee Publix parking lot. I made lighthearted reference to the pretty blonde girl Stephen was hooking up with before we got together. In my About Me, I was open about my days of “hardcore nerddom” and the fact that I didn’t fit into FSU Greek life.

You might be thinking, “….so what?! You’re not the first person to admit basicuppermiddleclasswhitegirl struggles on the internet.”

No, of course I’m not. But not knowing my audience watered down the emotional risk of my confessions.

The soothing tick-tick-tick of my nails on my keyboard were tiny bricklayers building a wall of anonymity.

I caught myself thinking, “I’m glad our hipster SF friends who were making big bucks while we couldn’t afford Off The Grid can’t see this,” and, “I don’t want the elderly ladies from childhood churches knowing about my party girl days,” or “How humiliating would it be if Pretty Blonde Girl ever found this and was like, ‘Damn, kinda creepy that I’m on Stephen’s wife’s blog,'” or “What if the acquaintance who tweeted about Same Side of the Booth couples feels like I’m throwing her under the bus (if she even remembers that tweet), or the [many] people who wrote ‘Why are all these lame-o’s getting married so young??’ statuses two years ago think I hate them?”

But you know what? Maya UnMarketed is about moving past thoughts like that.

I seek to forget pride, forget doubt, forget paranoia. I seek to inspire.

I seek to curate content using more original terms than “inspire”– the most overripened cliche of the macaroon-and-peony spattered blogosphere.

(I love macaroons and peonies, for the record… Although I like tiramisu and roses more… And I wish I could have said I like sunflowers more… because we all know they’re the Freespirited Cool Girl flower to like.)

I love you guys. Thank you for being part of my beach walks, my purposeless ambles, my high-heeled nights out, my treadmill sprints, and even the days my feet are tired and lacking toenail polish.

I hope I can always be an uplifting part of your day. Please continue to let me know how I can do so! And of course, have a wonderful weekend! <3 



Outfit Details

Romper: Forever 21 (this lace cami romper, this crochet-detailed one and this one with the gorgeous back are all very similar and under $30! I’m also crushing hard on the one that reminds me of my wedding dress, and love this lacy bell-sleeve!)

Bikini: ASOS (very similar but a bit sexier, this one is also similar)

Ran Bans / Best face sunscreen (gentle but 50 SPF!)

Cute White Rompers– all under $35 and perfect for summer!