Black Midi Dress

Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketed

[Dress $22! {during today’s flash sale!} / Shoes $28]

I’m so excited about today’s outfit!!Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketedBlack Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketed

I bought my elegant black midi dress a couple months ago for my friend Avery’s wedding and have been loving it ever since!

Even though it was a June 4th Florida wedding, I picked black because I had the feeling the event was going to be a bit more formal– a judgement call I made based on the style of the invitation and venue choices. I adore this dress for so many reasons. I feel like it’s the perfect mix between classic and trendy (definitely more classic than trendy though!), adult and youthful, fun and understated. Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketed

Also can we talk about the fabric?!

The dress was very affordable so I was worried the fabric might be be meh but when it arrived, I was utterly blown away by how nice it is!! I don’t know how to describe the cloth– almost a mix between crochet, mesh, and lace. It’s thick, luxurious, and the skirt held its shape beautifully the entire afternoon and night of Avery’s wedding. It’s almost as if it’s been starched a little, but without the unpleasant stiffness. Avery actually just tagged me in a wedding picture last week and even though I was many a couple drinks in, my dress was still looking as polished and unrumpled as the Queen of England. 😉Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketedBlack Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketedMy mom and I shot this look together, and she kept reiterating how expensive the dress looks. She couldn’t believe it was $22!!!

Its official price is $44 but Boohoo runs sales literally seven days a week. Back in this post, I had no idea that was the case, but I’ve since learned to watch their site and see what’s being featured that day. They’ll do things like “50% off rompers and dresses!” or “40% off new inventory!” or even put EVERYTHING on the site on sale.Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketedBlack Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketedToday it’s “50% off Dresses, Tops, and Bodysuits with the code LOOKS” so you could get this dress for $22 too! It also comes in Ivory, Violet, Berry and Sky.

Sky is a gorgeous shade of teal/bright mint and I’ve been debating getting it in that as well. It’s set up a bit strangely though; they list the dress twice and if you want it in Berry, you have to go here. It also lists the black and white options a second time there (they say “White” instead of “Ivory” but it looks like the same one) and the bright pastel options here. Kind of a bizarre setup, but what can ya do? They also have a cute off-the-shoulder version!

Boohoo is honestly becoming one of my favorite retailers! Some of their stuff is a bit too Nineteenyearoldhittingtheclub for me, but they have a lot of incredible finds too!Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketedSpeaking of money well spent, part of me is still waiting for someone at ASOS to send me a bill for the remainder of what my lace-up heels cost… How were these $28 though?!?

I feel like I robbed the shoe bank or something! Aren’t they amazing?! I can’t wait to pair them with a more casual outfit too. I think they’d be pretty with boyfriend jeans and a breezy black, white, or beige top!Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketedMy weekend flew by!! Stephen and I played some tennis and got BBQ on Saturday and it was so much fun! I hit the salad bar, ordered veggies, and got my ribs with no sauce.

That’s one of the things I’m loving about the Transform 30 by Juice Plus program. You can still have a life! I remember when I did Keto I could never eat anything from anywhere besides my own kitchen. And I slept til noon every day I wasn’t working because I had no energy. To each her own (some people swear by low carb!) but JP+ is feeling a lot more like my cup of tea. Or cup of shake! 😉

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!!

I’d also like to give a special shoutout to the wonderful woman who took these photos! The best mom I could ever ask for turns another year younger-looking today!! I am so blessed to be her daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMI!!!!

xx Maya


Dress: Boohoo (50% off today with the code LOOKS!!)

Shoes: ASOS (they also come in black!)

Watch: Citizen (I also love the similar one with tiny Swarovski crystals! Can’t believe it’s $180 marked down from $300)

Earrings: Givenchy (my wedding earrings! <3)

Sunglasses: Clubmaster Faybans from Aldo (these Topshop ones for $30 are almost identical! Of course, the real deal always works too.)

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Remember, the ones by Boohoo are 50% off today so cut the price you see IN HALF! Just hover your mouse to get the info! xx