Why I Changed My Mind About the “Everything Dress”

Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketed

What’s the difference between being a hypocrite and changing your mind?

**asking for a friend**

Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketedAsking for a friend who, when she was fifteen years old, said no strong, independent woman ever gets married before age 30. A year later, she met her future husband. And (spoiler alert) she got engaged on her 23rd birthday and married at age 24.

When she was in college, my friend thought it was so cliche’ that everyone wanted to move to either California or New York City. “What a bunch of bandwaggoners,” she thought. “I don’t need a Trendy Predictable Adventurous Place Everyone Dreams Of to feed my ego. A more underrated *It City* like Austin or Nashville would be nice. Or maybe I could keep it classy in an academic and wholesome place like Boston or Chicago.”Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketedMind you, my friend had never even been to Chicago and had no idea what it was like. Come to think of it, I don’t even think she’d been to Austin either! She was just weaving vague tapestries from the smoke of a stereotype-ladden imagination. She struggled with some inferiority complexes and deep down felt she wasn’t anywhere near cool enough to be in the popular places everyone else wanted to go. So she hated on CA and NYC like the fourteen-year-old girl who didn’t make the cheerleading team. Which, incidentally, was also true of her. But that’s neither here nor there!

Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketedAt age 23, with a shiny new diamond on her slightly-less-independent left hand, my friend followed her man to AH YOU GUESSED IT:


A year and a half later, she spent two and a half months in–WAIT GUESS WHERENew York City for her job. Though she’d been to New York several times before, this trip lit her world more brightly than a poppy feel-good Taylor Swift song. My friend was immediately entangled in the decadent, sparkling, sky-scraping limbs of her new favorite place. She hadn’t been THIS smitten since she’d fallen in love with the man who was about to initiate her into the Bride Before 25 Club.
Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketed

Need I go on?

I feel like I was pretty insecure when I was younger, and with great insecurity comes great judgement. Intense, thrashing, brazen judgement. So why am I telling you all this?

Because I used to feel that way about the Everything Dress. (The one I’m wearing can be found here for $20!)

Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketedI’ve been reading fashion blogs for awhile now. Dare I say it in the most insufferable way possible? I’ve been reading blogs since before they were cool. In fact, I even had a different blog I started way before this one and then abandoned when life got really crazy. (It was all that CaliforniaNewYorkGettingMarriedStuff I was talking about. 😉 )

Naturally in all these years of reading blogs, I’d heard bloggers talk about the Everything Dress.

OhEmGee you can do EVERYTHING in it!! This type of versatile dress takes you from everyday errands to the famers market to shopping trips to casual dinner dates. It’s breezy and so comfy!

In the past, my reaction was always:

“Errands in a DRESS?! Have these girls never heard of gym clothes? And who the heck wants to wear the same thing they wore all day on a dinner date?! Go home and change!!!

Well, you guys know the rest…

The Everything Dress is officially filed with California, New York City, and getting married young.

Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketed

Why did I change my mind about the Everything Dress? Here are a few reasons:

  1. It’s an easy way to look presentable. Would I still run errands in gym clothes? Totally. But I’ve also realized it’s a bit less common to hit Publix in your sweats now that we’re in the real world. Not only does this look better, it’s actually easier. One piece rather than two!
  2. I’m now a believer in the “half decent casual” look. In college, it’s all or nothing. You’re either in Norts and a frat tank or you’re at the club looking like a million bucks. When I was 20 and not going to do a full face of makeup, I felt like I basically had to wear gym clothes so people could tell I was “not trying” that day. They could then go ahead and assume I was a lot hotter than what met the eye (lol). I don’t really feel that way anymore. Not only do I care far less about whether strangers think I’m hot or not, I’ve also realized there are some days when looking like you’re “sorta trying” is truly the most appropriate plan of action.
  3. Life is spontaneous! Sometimes you can’t take the “Go home and change!!!” advice. If I knew I was going on a planned dinner date with Stephen, would I typically wear something a little fancier than this loosely draped boho number? Yes, I would! (Well, depending on the restaurant). But would I feel comfortable grabbing some last minute grub in my blue paisley dress? Yes, I would!

So there you have it!! *Cue “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees.*

Have I convinced you too?! Or maybe you were never a non-believer to begin with?

If your opinions on the Everything Dress are what mine were a couple years ago, maybe the super cute options in the widget at the bottom of the post will do the trick!Why I Changed my Mind About the Everything Dress | Maya UnMarketedAs far as the difference between changing your mind and being a hypocrite… that’s a good question.

Maybe it’s about holding yourself to your current standards rather than imposing them on others while excusing yourself from the rule? Perhaps it’s just about admitting you changed your mind rather than claiming you felt a certain way the whole time? Maybe it’s realizing life is a journey of change and empowerment? Realizing you’re worthy enough to live wherever the heck you want to live! Realizing the right man would never want to take away your girls’ nights on the town or your most soul-satisfying career aspirations.

Or maybe it’s as simple as writing a self-deprecating blog post?! (Joking haha.)

I hope everyone’s Tuesday morning is going swimmingly! We are having the best time in St. Pete!

xx Maya

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But as my dad always said, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!” He’s full of great sayings… I get all my best ones from him haha.