Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses

Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses | Maya UnMarketed

[Love this dapper hubs… and this dress!]

Hi and Happy WEDDING SEASON!!!

I’m just dropping in to share a couple beautiful and wallet-friendly outfits for what remains of this wedding season. This post was in part inspired by the fact that when I posted this instagram, someone pretty much immediately bought the modern yet classic black and gold trapeze dress. As you all know I’m not a big blogger or *instafamous* so I’m not reaching a huge audience where tons of people are immediately reading, buying etc. That was the first time I’d had such a quick reaction! Cheers to whoever was just as obsessed as I am! 😉

Gorgeous Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses | Maya UnMarketed

Unfortunately one of the ASOS package’s flights was delayed and the new size dress (as I mentioned in the insta caption, I was trying to exchange my UK 10 for a UK 8 Tall) didn’t make it in time to wear to the rehearsal dinner as planned. I was bummed but opted for my new gold ball statement necklace and a go-to black tailored jumpsuit. I’m going to keep the exchanged dress, which has since arrived, for a future rehearsal dinner or even wedding!

I also wore this Self Portrait knockoff to both the rehearsal for the first wedding and for the second wedding itself. I definitely believe in re-wearing occasion dresses because otherwise you’re going to end up with a closet full of dresses you’ve only worn once and less of a budget for everyday staples like Nikes or quality jeans. Or health and skincare experimentation/supplementation, which is basically what I spend most of my money on.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with the dress, and with the whole Self Portrait look in general! It’s that Betty Draper, draped in lace, laced with something edgy, edged in just enough intrigue kind of look… you know?

Here is my dress with a few of my other favorite Self Portrait-inspired options that won’t break the bank.

Nordstrom Rack had a very similar mini version of this stunning number that I got and was thinking of wearing to one of the wedding events, but it was just a little too skankalicious with its illusion mesh AND short length on me. #tallgirlprobs

So yeah, gonna be taking advantage of that 90 day return policy. Part of me wants to buy the option linked above because I LOVE it–they didn’t have it yet when I ordered the short version (now sold out)–for next wedding season. We actually received our first Save-the-Date for a March 2018 wedding a few days after returning from the Kentucky wedding, and there is going to be at least one other one. But I doubt I will because that means A) spending $126 I don’t feel like spending and B) robbing Future Maya of a good chunk of her 2018 wedding guest dress shopping joys. (Because I’m definitely going to wear the trapeze dress, which will be old news by then, to something too!)

Anyway, here are some more wedding guest dress options:

And here are some pretty shoes and accessories:

On that note, I’m headed to bed!

We have lots of Life Things going on right now, including car shopping and me trying to diet before our 2 year anniversary weekend getaway at the end of August.

The mini vacay’s not planned yet, but I’m assuming it’ll be somewhere in FL at a hotel with a pool and I want to be feeling good about my “Oh Em Gee just so happy and carefree in my bikini with my darling husband of two years!” pictures, yafeelme? #romance #yesStephenIdoneedtoSnapchatthismeal

Oh and I decided to go off the pill (!!!) so at this point I have no excuse for any jiggle. More on that/the results/etc when I’ve been off it longer than 2.5 weeks…

Hope you’re having a fantastic night!

xox Maya