My #Nsale Wishlist

NSale Wishlist | Maya UnMarketed

[White Dress $29!]

What a crazy/amazing two weeks it’s been!!

Stephen and I had a wonderful time in Florida, and are working on some exciting news! (As I joked on my snapchat [@mayaes] the other day, it’s not a baby! haha.)

Even in the midst of some exciting changes, I took a couple minutes to peruse what is arguably the most famous sale of the year, which officially started at 3 am this morning (although they had Early Access before that). It even has its own hashtag, which is a great marketing move. I know hashtags are quite common in modern-day marketing, but I like that they abbreviated to “N” to give it that ultra casual mystique! After all, this sale is too cool for school! (For those of you who don’t know, it’s on the brand new inventory rather than older stuff they’re trying to push out!!)


Even though I tend to shop way more for clothes than home stuff, the first item I actually fell head-over-heels in love with was this set of stemless champagne glasses.

The hammered copper detailing at the bottom, the slender shape, literally EVERYTHING.

I’m not even that into stemless glasses, actually. Whenever Stephen and I drink wine, he goes for a sturdy, heavy-bottomed stemless glass and I grab the most precarious, thin-stemmed, easy-to-shatter option in the cupboard. In fact, toward the end of college when the stemless stemware look was coming into style, I remember telling one of my girlfriends that they looked underwhelmingly  like “fancy water cups.”

Um, suffice it to say I’m having a change of heart!! (Seems to be a theme lately, right?!) I’ve literally daydreamed about these champagne glasses more than anyone should actually ever think about champagne glasses! For only $24, I am pretty darn sure these beauts will get purchased.

So then I ventured into the realm of purses and was literally crying over this Ted Baker wallet. It’s so elegant and you already know I adore a good pearl detail! Especially when it’s the tiniest bit artsy/unique, like the mismatched clasp on this gem. Is it faux pearl or just rounded metal that looks a bit like pearl…? Either way, it’d be a timeless wedding/formal event clutch for years to come. It comes in both pale pink and black, and I’d get black.

Once I spotted this chic, classic, yet somehow slightly sporty Brahmin cross body, I was already sneaking over to the bank account to see whether purchasing some designer purses the same month as a plane ticket (Have I mentioned I’m Canada bound soon?!) was a good idea… (No. Even when on crazy sale, it is not. Lol.) I’m a longtime Brahmin fan, and I’ve been wanting to give the bag I already own (mine is no longer online but looks a lot like this one in “Pecan”) a sibling.

Anyway, no decisions yet, but I can at least post my widgets, right?!

Especially when it’s the super affordable stuff by Lush below…


I also wanted to at least get my white lace dress up in a featured image too, because I feel like it’s not going to last long at its gorgeous price tag–just under $29. So now I’ve at least shared a pre-actual-post sneak peek in case it goes out of stock while I’m editing the mountains of pictures I have from our time in FL. It’s from Nordstrom Rack, so it’s on-theme anyway! 😉

I feel like this dress would be so perfect for any engaged girl who might be looking forward to some fall, winter, or spring 2017 festivities. It’s modest enough for a bridal shower yet sexy enough for a bach bash! And the sleeves are great for the upcoming cooler temperatures (how is fall already sorta approaching?!) or just being in an air-conditioned restaurant or banquet hall.

Speaking of weddings, can any of you 2017 brides maybe buy THESE?? Because seriously…


I think I might still be in denial that I’m not the bride anymore… 😉 As much as I love my hubs (did you guys see the cute pic of us yesterday?), there’s definitely a bit of Dec. 26th Syndrome that goes down when the whole wedding planning/wedding part is over haha.

Happy weekend!! I hope you all have a great one!

xx Maya

p.s. Here are some really cute shoes, too!