Nordstrom Rack Haul

Saucony sneakers, Circus by Sam Edelman sneakers, Nadri necklace, black earrings

I love Nordstrom Rack!

When we lived in San Francisco, the Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack were right next to each other downtown and it was so convenient. I usually turned to the two stores whenever I needed a new casting outfit. (I’m totally going to do a post in my chic black Topshop romper sometime. It’s not online anymore but it’s similar to this one.)

DSC_0875 (1)

Anyway the other night I was perusing the Nordstrom Rack site. I hadn’t really planned on buying anything, but these steals were too good to pass up! (…story of my life.)

I had been wanting some black sneakers and was planning on getting another pair soon. My friend told me about Vessie Shoes and I even considered buying a pair but these Sauconys caught my eye. The black with pink are now sold out unfortunately, but I’m thinking of getting this pair of Jazz Lo Pros as well. I love the soft grey and lilac color pairing and you can’t beat the $33 price tag! Most importantly, I discovered from buying the black pair that they are super comfy. I’d mostly stuck to Nikes and the occasional pair of Asics since high school, but am really pleased with the results of my decision to branch out.

And can we talk about these fun Circus by Sam Edelman sneakers?! I’m literally obsessed! They are so modern and quirky yet retain the styling versatility of a classic white sneaker!

DSC_0869 (1)

I have been wearing this delicate little Nadri necklace with my new last initial nonstop. I’m not really a big necklace person in general (my favorite jewelry items are rings and earrings) so I love its subtlety. Plus I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to show off my new last name! <3 Nadri

Lastly, I adore these earrings! I can’t find the link–sorry! They must be sold out everywhere by this point. But Sam Edelman is always coming out with great new stuff in my opinion.

I look forward to pairing these earrings with all the black items in my closet, but they obviously don’t need to be worn with black. I recently wore them with a mint green drop waist dress to a party at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. I went with my mom and it was so much fun!


Stephen and I were in St. Pete two weeks ago to visit our moms and celebrate the life of his late grandmother. Stephen also attended his buddy Adam’s bachelor party. We are headed back in another two weeks for the wedding. I’m super excited; Adam and his fiancé Andrea are so cute together! I’m going to try to get a picture of her dress because it’s stunning (I’ve seen a preview!) and all you brides out there are gonna love it!

Anyway that’s it for now… Stay tuned to see my cute new items in upcoming posts!



p.s. This is coming a few days later but I went in and edited… I just created my first Shopstyle widget! Woohoo! I feel like such a Real Blogger 😉 I included the things in this post that are still available and some other fun similar stuff.