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Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple Tank

Forever 21 men’s section, we meet again!!!

Ever since I grabbed my weird yet awesome gorilla sweatshirt this past winter (here’s an insta of me in it!), I’ve enjoyed perusing the Forever 21 men’s section from time to time. Have you guys ever scooped anything good from there, too?!

Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankMaya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankMaya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankWhen I saw this cheerful summery tank for $8, I was excited to snag it! Printed F21 tanks make such awesome go-to’s. I have a white tank with tiny black bicycles from 3-4 years ago and I’d actually be embarrassed to tell you the number of times I’ve worn that thing!

I feel like this one will be the same! Although since it’s men’s, it does require slightly more styling efforts in order to avoid side-boobage. I like how my mockneck tank (very similar–$22 via the #Nsale!) elevates the look, but I also plan on wearing my pineapple tank as a swimsuit coverup or with a lacy black bralette. In the meantime, it’s been moonlighting as my baggy post-self-tanner shirt. (I know I look like I don’t self-tan at all, but I use this once or twice a week. I like to be pale, but not translucent haha.)

Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankMaya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankMaya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankI have to say it hurt my heart a little when I saw that my House of Harlow 1960 ring is now sold out. Can you tell I love it?! I only took THREE up-close accessory shots. 😉

As usual, I went ahead and linked it in case it comes back in stock, and fortunately there’s a very similar one on Etsy!! It’s a pinch pricier than what I paid for mine, but still not bad. I also like these more affordable ones:

Oh and if you want to go the complete, total OPPOSITE direction of affordable… This rose gold and diamond one is both absurdly expensive and absolutely stunning!!!Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankMaya UnMarketed | Pineapple Tank

I have a special place in my heart for deer/antelope skulls because of the Georgia O’Keefe art book my mom kept on our coffee table when I was growing up. It’s funny because as a kid I HATED them. I didn’t understand why a woman who could paint such beautiful flowers would waste her time on morbid, scary skulls.

However, going along with our unofficial theme of the month (changing your mind and strong feelings often being mixed feelings)…

I now adore antlers and skulls!!!

Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple TankMaya UnMarketed | Pineapple Tank

I just returned from my last pre-Accutane dermatologist appointment and will be able to fill my prescription on Monday. I can’t wait to finally be holding that precious, beautiful Rx in my hands!!!

Also my gorgeous new babies came in the mail last night and I made myself a delicious mocktail so I could use one. It’s Day 10 of my 30-Day Transform program and I’ve been doing fine with the no alcohol thing so far. Hard limits are always somehow easier for me than: “Should I have one…? Should I have another…? Well heck, now that it’s officially a ‘drinking night’ I may as well have two more!” *buzzedly marches to the baking supply cupboard to scope out the chocolate chip situation*

I hope your weekend is filled with precious, beautiful things, too!!

Whatever your current versions of Accutane prescriptions and copper-bottomed champagne glasses are… I hope you receive all that and more! 🙂

Maya xx <3

Outfit Details

Tank: Forever 21 Mens

Mockneck Tank: H&M (similar here [$22 via the #Nsale and such a flattering fit!] and here [slightly breezier fit and comes in two other colors])

Shorts: Ross (identical pair [$24])

Ring: Nordstrom Rack, sold out 🙁 (See mid-post list for similar options!)

Crossbody: Forever 21 (similar, similar, similar— all three on sale!)

Espadrille Sneakers: H&M (they’re REAL suede!! $25 marked down from $60. And they look better in person! I don’t think they look bad in the photos, but somehow the full level of their cuteness didn’t translate. Or maybe it’s just that the Nikon didn’t capture the smell of the suede, which I love haha) Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple Tank

Random Note: You can’t really see my earrings (they’re faux diamond studs in a very pale shade of pink) but before I realized that I was pursuing stud earrings for my widget and THESE are stunning!! I can’t justify them so quickly after purchasing these (now sold out– so glad I grabbed them!) because they share similar vibes, but I feel like one of you should get them and let me vicariously live through you. 😉

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Also, sorry I included only the expensive ring options in the “Shop the Post” widget! The ones in my more affordable list are all from Etsy, and for some reason Etsy items can’t be included in widgets. It’s probably because Etsy was only super recently added to Shopstyle Collective (the affiliate linking network I use), so hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. I LOVEEE Etsy!!!

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