Quick Black Wishlist

Quick Black Moodboard | Maya UnMarketed

{Image of this sleek little shift dress via Forever 21}

So I’m doing this thing that I always do before a move.

It’s like nesting……. But with clothes. *eyeroll emoji*

I did the same thing before the SF move and I can feel the urge creeping in again. The magnetic attraction to new clothes.

New clothes for a new city.

*dismiss the fact that I pretty much always desire new clothes lol.*

Anyway, as much as I’m looking forward to all of my sundresses and quirky, fruity, floral, bright, printed numbers, I’m also looking forward to black.

Maybe it’s that our place is close to downtown and black is always chic for last minute date nights and happy hours. Maybe it’s the whole “fall means darker colors” thing. Maybe it’s that I was mindlessly perusing the Forever 21 and ASOS sites, and a lot of my favorites just ended up being black.

Regardless of the reason, here are my favorite temptations are in all their chic, glam, fun, or sporty glory!! 😉


I’m not going to buy anything because I want any expendable income to go toward the new home decor. I feel like saying that out loud will help me stick to it…

But let me know if you snag any of my picks and I will vicariously live through you!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

xx Maya

p.s. Thank you so much for all the warm wishes and welcomes when I announced the move on Monday!!! Have I mentioned I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED?!?

p.p.s. Here are some faux pearls for the black outfits, too! 😉