“Racking” up a Wishlist… And Some Amazing Buys!!!

Maya UnMarketed | Racking Up a Wishlist

Hello beautiful friends! And Happy Monday!

(Is “Happy Monday” an oxymoron…?)

The word “oxymoron” always makes me crave shrimp, because the most noteworthy ninth grade example of an oxymoron was “Jumbo shrimp.” I think part of the reason it stuck with me is because “Jumbo Shrimp” is really more of a classification than a downright 100% oxymoron… For some reason that bothered my nitpicky 14-year-old self lol.

But when you think about it, “Happy Monday!” doesn’t need to be an oxymoron either right?!

My version of an inspirational quote haha ^^

Anyway, one of the wonderful things about this Monday is the 75% off clearance sale (!!!) at one of my all-time favorite retailers!! I shopped the sale at 1 am last night after a little shiraz made me feel all YOLO-y inside… 😉

I’ll be honest; I wrote this post a good 7 hours pre-wine, so some of the phrasing might include “I might maybe” kind of lingo when I totally DID. I included some EDITS though!


The total order for all those pretty things was just under $112! And here are the many, many other items I love…

Favorite Tops

All of these are UNDER $25!!! In fact, MOST are under $20! I especially love:

… All of which are staring at me from their perch in my shopping cart. Temptresses! 

Oh and this top is TO DIE FOR!

Is it too orange and blue?! I’m a die-hard Nole BUT it’s literally a $100 top marked down to $15 and it’s stunning!!! They only have XXS left; I wonder if it’d even fit :/


Favorite Bottoms

These are also all under $25!!!! My personal favorites are:

  • The refined, breezy palazzo pants! The pair in the widget are olive but they also come in a chic charcoal and rich burgundy. I love all the colors so much I don’t even know which one I’d pick… EDIT: SNAGGED THEM IN BURGUNDY! LOVE!!
  • The rose-print black shorts! I guess I have a thing for longer pink and black floral shorts!

Favorite Dresses and Rompers

Currently stumped as to which I could even name as favorite Favorites. They’re all so gorgeous and again, all under $25!

Favorite Accessories

Currently drooling!!! I seriously need all of these, especially:

Oh and just because I’m obsessed with weddings, I put together a little widget for all you brides-to-be… I linked everything from bachelorette bash to rehearsal dinner to honeymoon dresses. Even for non brides, everyone needs a LWD or two in her closet! 😉

White Wedding Picks

I may have gone a bit overboard… This is the only widget with a second page! (You can use the little grey arrow to scroll right.)
There are seriously so many pretty things though! All under $60! I’m absolutely obsessed with this elegant, sexy scalloped lace dress! I’ll forever be a sucker for long-sleeved bridal picks (I may be a little biased haha). But seriously I can’t believe the droolworthy aforelinked Ashley Mason dress is only $29 and has every size left (it also comes in black!).
Stephen and I still haven’t had a honeymoon… Maybe I should grab it while I can? 😉 EDIT: I DID GRAB IT haha.

Well, I think that’s more than enough coveting (EDIT: AND BUYING lol) for now…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day!! I wish I could have celebrated with my Dad in person, but my sister was there and I like to think I was there in spirit. Plus, my dad is very chill and low-maintence when it comes to holidays; I believe he’s even referred to Father’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday” a time or two haha.

Regardless, I’m grateful for him and all that he does! My dad is one of my most enthusiastic Maya Unmarketed readers; it means so much to me!

Sometimes I’ve seen bigger bloggers make reference to “way back when my mom and girlfriends were the only people who read my blog.” If I ever hit the point where thousands of strangers read my blog each day and for some reason I’m talking about the *not-yet-famous* days (I wish! haha) I’m grateful that I’ll be able to say, “Way back when my mom, dad and girlfriends were the only people who read my blog…”

Maya UnMarketed | Racking Up a Wishlist

I think one of the most important parts of being a parent is supporting your child’s dreams. I deeply appreciate my dad’s support of mine!

Cheers to all the dads out there! And to every granddad, great-granddad, father-in-law, stepfather, older brother who acts like a second father, future father, and any other father figures in our midst.

xx, Maya

p.s. Still craving shrimp… I think I’m going to try my hand at a shrimp matcha gazpacho for lunch!