A-Fourth-Dable Red, White and Blue Finds

A-Fourth-Dable Red White and Blue | Maya UnMarketed

(Image of this playsuit via Free People–though I altered it ever so slightly. Don’t worry, it’s the most expensive thing on this list! I love it and had to add, it but everything else is in my usual price range.)


*Laughs loudly at own joke.*

If you tell me my puns aren’t funny, I’m going to bury my head in the sand and not listen to you. I’ll also bury my toes in the sand while we’re at the beach for the 4th of July… and maybe dig a little cup-hole-der…for my rosy tumbler of rose’, of course!

And if you tell me I can’t bring booze onto a public beach, I’ll publicly call you out for being a *beeeetch.*

Okay okay, I’ll get to the point! Sorry for the cheesiness overload, but I couldn’t help myself– I’d already served the wine! 😉

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I’ve rounded up some finds more cute and American than a golden retriever puppy and a pro baseball player sitting next to a white picket fence listening to country music and eating apple pie together.

As usual I got carried away with my widget building and there are a bunch of equally cute picks when you use the arrows to scroll right!


I’m pretty sure this dress is the most popular Forever 21 piece of 2016– and for good reason. I’ve seen it on numerous girls (both real life acquaintances and other bloggers) and it looks amazing on everyone! I love that it could literally be worn for both Cinco de Mayo and the Fourth of July… and pretty much all the time in general.


Ah, summer whites, you make me feel so fresh and carefree! Like clouds and summer brides and crests of waves and the blinding smiles of young actors in light beer commercials. 😉


I’ve had my eye on the chambray and crochet lace romper for a couple weeks now… It’s only a matter of time until I buy it!

The darker chambray playsuit with the flounce top isn’t something I’d pay $100 on my current budget but I had to include it because it’s so cute yet inexplicably somewhat badass. I love how the stylist paired it with the tube socks and sneaks– I’d totally wear that exact outfit for the Fourth of July.



This is maybe a little embarrassing but I don’t even know which name brand started the scalloped bikini trend. I just know everyone’s knocking it off– and I’m fine with that! I love this cute budget friendly white one. And I’m swooning over every one of those delicate sheer white cover-ups in the widget. They’d be perfect for a honeymoon, too!

Also how bout those floats? I’m pretty sure having the gold swan guarantees you an extra 103 likes on your trendy pool day instagram. 😉


I’ve never been particular about body sunscreen; I always just kinda grabbed whatever at CVS and called it a day.

Until I tried THE ONE.

A couple weeks ago, we discovered a random bottle of the 30 SPF version in Stephen’s old backpack while camping. Stephen put some on and immediately said, “Hey babe this is a cool sunscreen. It doesn’t feel oily.”

Stephen doesn’t tend to notice skincare-related things (besides being supportive when I catch him up on my acne regimen) so naturally I was intrigued as to what was different about this sunscreen.

YOU GUYS. It’s the best!!!

After trying the 30 that weekend, I immediately purchased the aforementioned 100+ as well. It has a slippery, satiny feel that reminds me more of a primer more than a sunscreen. So nice! I’m not exaggerating when I say I don’t think I’ll buy any other sunscreen ever again, although I’d like to try the spray version too.

Speaking of primer, has anyone tried the Lumi primer? I’ve heard multiple Youtubers rave about it; Jaclyn Hill especially seems to love it! I feel like if you have already-decent skin you could mix a dab of that with some face sunscreen and have a perfect beach day glow.


Speaking of sun protection, everyone needs a cute floppy hat… or five! If you ask me, this summer’s *must have* sunhat has a bit of an LOL price tag (I mean, it’s pretty but I can think of SO many things I’d rather have for $485!). Luckily the ones I’ve linked are a LOT easier on the wallet. Some are even slightly reminiscent of those pricey Eugenia Kim beauts!

Grab your beach bag (I like this very pretty, very on-sale one) and you’re good to go!!

I hope everyone has a safe, sandy, superb Fourth of July!!

And I don’t mean to insult your intelligence or sound preachy but please don’t drink and drive. I know it can be tempting to tell yourself you’re going to have “one drink” and drive to that daytime pool party or barbecue but it’s been my experience that on holidays “one” can quite easily turn to “seven.”

Uber exists for a reason. <3

Cheers to this beautiful country! I can’t wait to celebrate!

Xx, Maya

A-Fourth-Dable Red White and Blue | Maya UnMarketed

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

9 comments on A-Fourth-Dable Red, White and Blue Finds

  • Julia @ Sprinkles & Saturdays

    hahah omg this was so fun to read! Im going to a public beach for the 4th too and I’m for sure bringing alcohol… I mean, why else would I go? I also love that you keep it real with the price ranges. I follow so many fashion blogs where the girls are comped all sorts of expensive items I would never actually buy and I quickly lose interest in following the blog! So many affordable but cute options here. Hope you have a lovely holiday!

    • Maya (author)

      Hi Julia!! Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment!! It truly made my day! <3 I'm glad you liked the puns haha; they're sorta a fave of mine!

      And um, AGREED about public beaches and alcohol!! 😉 We had quite the boozy fourth in the Trevathan household.

      And THANK YOU!!! I really, really appreciate your feedback on the affordability of my blog. I totally know the feeling of following blogs where no item is under $500, and the shoes and bags are always in the thousands. It's so unrealistic for most young women!

      I love your blog and hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!

      xx Maya

  • Tamara

    Great selection, it’s makes an amazing inspo board! Happy 4th!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

    • Maya (author)

      Thank you so much Tamara!! Happy (belated) fourth to you too– I hope you had a wonderful holiday! <3 xox

  • Sahra

    how clever! love the blue styles the best, especially that romper paired with the tube socks; hilarious, though I’m not sure I’d ever style it like that 😛

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    • Maya (author)

      Thanks Sahra!! It’s definitely a bit quirky; not for everyone haha. I’m glad you love the blue mood board though! I hope you had a wonderful fourth <3

  • Ashton

    I was just thinking about what red, white, and blues I wanted to wear this holiday! Now I feel totally inspired!

    • Maya (author)

      You’re the sweetest!! I miss you! Phone date soon?! <3

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