Spring Jumpsuits Under $40

Spring Jumpsuits Under $40 | Maya UnMarketed

Hi and Happy Friday!!

I wore this 4-year-old Forever 21 jumpsuit the other night and got a ton of compliments on it. I hadn’t worn it in so long that it almost felt new! (Don’t you love that feeling?)

While I obviously couldn’t point anyone toward my lucky buy, I did decide to put together a little widget of other cute affordable buys for this spring season.


While I’d love rompin’ around in any of these cute numbers, these are my favorites:




I love love LOVE a good jumpsuit!

  • This loose but structured grey one WAS my favorite, but it went down to $6 and is out of stock. Boo. Sometimes my affiliate network, Shopstyle, is a little behind where the inventory of an online store actually is. And then you click and it’s like …. oh 🙁
  • On a brighter– literally!– note, this breezy coral beaut is EVERYTHING.
  • There’s something inherently chic about a dark grey turtleneck, and I’m digging this culotte option!

Well that’s all I’ve got for you today!!

As much as you all know I love writing, I just felt like drinking rose’ and looking at pretty things. 🙂

I just got back from a family dinner at my mom’s place and have an early test shoot tomorrow morning in Pass-A-Grille, so I should try to go to bed. I hate how during the day when I’m trudging through work I’m all “I could go for a nap right now!” and now that it’s 11 pm and I need to get up at 5 am, I just want to watch Jaclyn Hill tutorials and aimlessly scroll through Pinterest. Please tell me you know the feeling!

xox, Maya

p.s. Background details of my featured image are here and can be shopped here. That antler finial is such a steal right now (down to 1/3 the original price I paid)! Also, does anyone else ever drink wine out of champagne glasses? I know it’s weird but I love champagne flutes and thinly tapered white wine glasses best out of any stemware. I might have poured my shiraz into a more appropriate glass if I’d known I’d use that selfie for a post… but maybe not because this is Maya UnMarketed after all 😉