Summer Stripes $10 and Under! AND an AMAZING H&M sale!

Summer Stripes Under $10 | Maya UnMarketed

(Image via Forever 21!) 

Good morning!

Sooo funny/awesome story about my post today…

When I was writing what was supposed to be today’s post (me in my navy striped Macy’s romper; gonna post that tomorrow), I was going to add an extra widget for “Other Affordable Summer Stripes” but then that widget grew…and grew… and grew some more. So I gave it it’s own post!

I’ll publish that Thursday!, I figured.

THEN I decided to take a Facebook break and saw a comment from a friend on my Maya UnMarketed FB Page:

“I’m not sure when you saved the H&M link, but you manifested that sale! It’s half off now!”

In case you didn’t catch yesterday’s post, that was in reference to the stunningly unique ruffled silk-blend blouse I said I was obsessed with, but didn’t want to pay $50 for. By the time my friend had clicked on it, it was down to $24.99!

Obviously I bought it.

You just can’t slap the universe in the face when you ask for a sale and it gives you one! 😉

Here are the things I snagged from the amazing up-to-60% off H&M sale! My total was only $78!!!!

I especially love the mockneck ballerina blouse; it looks high-end somehow, doesn’t it? I REALLY wish the mustard gold color (which looks even more designeresque IMO, like something you’d see on the Miu Miu runway rather than H&M) had still been available… but when something that pretty costs $9.99, I’ll take what I can get!

The wide-legged pants are such a *Maya Item*. Love them!

This green and yellow satin dress ($14.99 marked down from $34!!) was a bit different from my usual but I’m strangely obsessed with it! It also comes in a really pretty shade of oxblood that would be great for my fellow Nole girls out there. 😉

The star of the show is obviously the coveted blouse, which I bought in cream instead of black on a whim.


Here are a few other pretty things that I loved! (Make sure you don’t miss the chic neutrals on the second page & the cute white sailor shorts on the 3rd! My cart originally had almost $400 worth of stuff but I did some weeding out because… you know… self control and adulting and all that.)

Okay moving on to the stripe section…

Stripes are such a win-win because they’re super popular this season, but they’re also obviously a classic.

The pompom and lace-up items that are also *in* this summer are super cute, but since I’m not on the grandest of shopping budgets, I’m always wary of trends that can blow over as quickly as a late afternoon thunderstorm.

That being said, I have no regrets over my mauve long-sleeved romper! I’m going to love its little white pompoms forever, even if they end up being passe’ by next season. 😉 Still need to shoot a post in this!

Without further ado, here are some amazing, extremely budget-friendly striped items that I adore! These cute finds are all $10 and under, and you can click the little arrow on the right to see the second page.

I’m especially craving the awesome red floppy hat, and breezy beige tie-front blouse.

Also, fun fact: I did an editorial shoot for Coeval Magazine with the blonde model at the top left! Her name is Karolina (she goes by Kandi!) and she’s awesome. This is a picture of us from the shoot on my personal/model insta account.

I’ve had so many mixed feelings about my modeling career lately, as seen in yesterday’s post. In the meanwhile I’m just going to try my best not to get nostalgic and enjoy the moment instead!

I should stop being such a slacker and actually finish The Power of Now

(Although calling myself a “slacker” and making future plans to read more than the first 1/4 of the acclaimed self-help book is somewhat ironic haha.)

Cheers to this beautiful day! I hope it’s as joyful as summer stripes and sales. <3

Xx Maya