Two Year Anni Plans and Outfit Haul

My husband and me dancing at our wedding!

I’m pretty sure Fetty Wap was playing when this was taken… Trap Queen with my Trap King! 😉

T-Minus 19 days until our two year wedding anniversary!!

With August 29th just around the corner, Stephen and I are planning on a cozy sunny boozy weekend doing a lot of nothing. My only requirements are a big pool, an in-the-hotel (or walking distance) restaurant, and well, that’s it actually. I’m not even one of those Floridians who’s a snob about avoiding tourist vibes…. unless there are like forty-seven kids peeing in the pool and in that case, yes, I’m a snob about tourist vibes.

This vacay doesn’t need to be activity-packed or ultra trendy though. Sometimes I’m all about gettin’ my 6 am sunrise walks and art museums and zip lining and theatre and acai bowls while reading Hemingway on, but for this trip I’m just feeling the AllAmericanSteakhouseToryBurchSandalsCandidInstagramStarbucksSaying”Sunnies”InsteadofSunglasses life. You know? 

I don’t even own Tory sandals, but you get the point. Life has been super busy lately, so I want things to be basic and lazy. We’re just going to pick a city on Travelocity that’s 3 or less hours away and go there and sleep in and then progress to the pool and nap in the sun (with a million pounds of this force of anti-nature on) and ask the cleaning ladies to come during our 3pm gym sesh rather than at 10 am because we’re on vacation, mind you.

Hopefully it won’t rain. 

Anyway I bought some new clothes for this trip and here they are! I’m going for a mix of “still playing the bride two years later” and “I’m not ready to look matronly after 2 years of marriage, so let’s attempt the visible lingerie trend.” The lingerie trend might be a little Kardashian/Jenner/college-aged girl, but something tells me my dinner date won’t mind. 😉

The workout gear on the second page is more for life in general than the trip, but I threw it into the widget too.

I spent around $140 for ALL of this because the Boohoo site was 50% off and the F21 stuff was 30% off clearance at the time. Woot! I love sales.

Peter Pan Syndrome Chic in my white slightly Lolita-esque top, bralette, and choker! 😉

Outfit try-ons

Wish you could see more of the red ruffle pants! They are so cute, albeit not very good quality. Boohoo sometimes wows me with their buck-bang-ishness but alas, this was not one of those moments. For the awesome price, though, they just need to survive the trip and I’ll be a happy camper!

I’m OBSESSED with this boho beach dress. It’s not terribly practical–I mean A) it’s a long-sleeved long dress in FL in the summer and B) do I really want to sweat and potentially drip pina coladas on it?– but in theory its perfect for a romantic getaway!! (And very insta-worthy 😉 ) I’m so glad they were already sold out of smalls when I ordered mine, because the medium fits perfectly.

Oh and speaking of sizing, both the pants and beach dress are long enough for me! I was concerned about both initially.

Loving the bikini back!! Definitely also bringing this on our honeymoon whenever we finally go.

(No, we actually haven’t had one yet. I went to Milan 3 days after the wedding and then I got acne and then we moved and then we moved again and then life kept happening. Ugh @life, why u gotta get in the way of me LIVING?! Jokes. Anyway… God, schedule, and bank account willing, we are thinking Europe next summer!)

I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the quality of this classic black blouse. The fabric is so silky and buttery, and even though you can’t tell in this pic, the sleeves are long enough. (Not always guaranteed when you’re 5’10 AND have arms that are long in proportion to your already-long body lol.) It’s not necessarily for the trip and I only wore it with these shorts to Trader Joe’s, but when you see a black satin blouse on sale, you buy it. At least I do!

My new kimono! I needed a little more Paisley in my life… I have always loved and will always love that print! How cute would this be with the Steve Madden platforms that are making a comeback? I wish I could re-buy my favorite pair of pink platforms from the 4th grade in my current size!


Okay I’ll share my new sports bra and workout tank real quick too… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Forever’s fitness department has never disappointed me! I love their low-impact sports bras and would highly recommend them for anyone with smallish boobs. When I first started working out, I’d buy these super tight bras that were a pain to get over my head and had bands that squashed my upper ribcage. But there’s really no need for vacuum suction vortex level of support when you’re an A cup (maybe a small B in Flattery Sizing… cough Victoria’s Secret cough…) Anyway, after I stumbled upon my first Forever 21 low-impact bra, I’ve never looked back. I linked a few more in my most recent Shop My Insta.

Can I be real with you for a moment? I keep coming back to this post and working on it like 11 minutes at a time and then feeling like I should do something more productive. So today the H&M order that I placed a few days after beginning this post arrived, and since we all know it’ll probably be 3-5 weeks until my next post, I might as well link my picks here too.

Get this: they accidentally threw in the cream blouse twice! And only charged me once. So now I have the blouse in four colors: the black one I already had (as seen here!), dusty pink, cream #1, and cream #2! I would give it away but I’ve worn the black one half to death so I’ll probably put both of the duplicates to use. Really digging H&M’s fun $6 mistake. You’ve gotta celebrate the little things in life!! 

Oh and one 18th thing before, I go: I read this article today and it was amazing. I shared it on my Facebook and so far no one has liked it, so I’m sharing it again here because I’m needy it’s very enlightening and insightful. Anyway, you should read it and you should agree with me. 😉

Happy Thursday!! This week is flying…

xox Maya