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Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom Jeans

I LOVE mom jeans. 

They sit at the tiniest part of your waist. The pockets are placed high up on your backside and are consequently oh-so-uplifting. And the extra bit of bagginess is forgiving on the hips and thighs.
Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom JeansWhen the high-waisted look started coming in full force during my early college days, it was the quite controversial topic. All the girls were madly in love with their new Urban Outfitters Levis jeans shorts (I still have mine, actually!) and all the boys hated the look… besides the sliver of booty that would inevitably peek out of them. Do you guys remember that?!Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom Jeans Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom Jeans Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom JeansEven though the aforementioned booty-sliver made me a bit self-conscious, I was definitely one of the girls who heard the Hallelujah chorus playing in her mind’s ear when Fashion banished skintight, leg-shortening, hipbone-baring, hit-you-at-the-pretty-much-the-widest-part-of-your-entire-body Britney Spears jeans. Those can stay in the early 2000’s forever!

The high-waist daisy dukes aren’t in frequent rotation anymore; however, I do still find them acceptable for the pool or super hot weather. What denim item IS at the front of my closet these days? Why, my amazing pair of mom jeans of course!
Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom JeansMaya UnMarketed | Updated Mom Jeans

I scored my mom jeans at a thrift store in Asheville (did you see some of my other finds in yesterday’s post?), gave ’em a good wash (always let vintage stuff air dry though!) and threw them on with a couple simple staples:

Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom JeansMaya UnMarketed | Updated Mom JeansMaya UnMarketed | Updated Mom Jeans

These were taken the day Stephen and I had a little lunch date an adorable local diner! I talked about the amazing pecan banana pancakes–and my “cheat eating” philosophy in general–in my P90x post.

It was such a fun meal! Our server was going to get married in a couple days and absolutely glowing. She was middle-aged and it was her third marriage, but she said this was her first “white wedding” and she was so excited. She raved about how patient her fiancé (husband by now!) had been during the stressful planning process and even joked about how she knows she picked the right man this time.

Seeing her big turquoise eyes alive with anticipation was a simple but perfect reminder that it’s never too late to begin again, to find your deepest and most soul-satisfying joys. Although I’m happy (extreme understatement!) with Hubby Number One and Only, I’ve definitely hit the age where some of those “Why didn’t I do XYZ when I was younger?!” thoughts have started creeping in at times. And I’m only 25!

No need for that! Just relish in some syrup-slathered Southern pancakes and 3 cups of awesome diner coffee, and you’ve got yourself a great afternoon. 🙂Maya UnMarketed | Updated Mom JeansMaya UnMarketed | Updated Mom Jeans

Here’s to that sweet lady and her new hubby! And to a great pair of mom jeans! 



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P.S. Anyone shopping the big half-yearly Nordstrom sale that started today?! I think I might need to skip it… We spent $470 at the grocery store yesterday! We are going camping this weekend and bought lots of supplies (candy, beer, charcoal, wine, s’mores stuff, cases of bottled water, a new lunchbox cooler, etc) on top of our usual items. And we’re not even done– today I’m swinging by Wal-Mart for some other supplies!

So this might be one of those “spend on experiences, rather than material items” weeks. I do love material items though… 😉

If I WERE shopping the sale though, I’d want:

I hope you’re all having a great day! Xo