What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Black Midi Dress | Maya UnMarketed

It’s fall, y’all!! Greetings from the mountains of beautiful North Carolina, where the leaves are just starting to change and we’re about to attend a family wedding.

I’m so excited about this season, not just because fall is just generally awesome, but because I have so many incredible *Life Things* going on right now.

The focus of today’s post is inspired by the life event taking place LATER TODAY: my Father-in-Law’s wedding! He is marrying an incredible woman who already feels like family, and Stephen and I can’t wait for Ben and Tomey¬†to make it official in front of family, friends and God. <3

Not only am I bubbling with joy over this gorgeous couple, but I think this might actually be our first fall wedding! Stephen and I have attended a slew of summer weddings, one spring, and one winter wedding together, but this is the first time we’ll be bearing witness to nuptials in the season of pumpkin and spice and everything nice. ūüėČ

Anyone else attending any fall weddings this year?

I’m shamelessly outfit-repeating the same dress I wore for my friend Avery’s wedding this past June. As I talked about in this post, I absolutely adore my black midi dress! It’s classic and conservative making it the perfect wedding guest dress, yet the material has a youthful and trendy flair. It’s comfy for dancing, but the skirt maintains a somewhat stiff and fluffed out shape, as if it’s been starched!

I remember when Avery tagged me in a wedding picture that was taken toward the end of the night, I thought, “Oh nice! I look way more¬†pulled together than I would have thought after that many drinks.”

So thank you, classy black midi, for being a far more ladylike wedding guest than I was… ūüėČ

Anyway, I am excited to re-wear my LBD to another joyous celebration. Not only do I love it, but it seemed like a sensible thing to do financially speaking. That being said, I figured I’d round up some beautiful picks for anyone wondering what to wear to¬†an upcoming wedding!

Blush and Grey

Romantic, subtle colors. Bonus: not only is tea length/midi in style these days, but it’s also dainty and feminine, which makes for a PERFECT wedding guest look!

Black and Blue

Chic, calm, serene and yes¬†you can wear black to a wedding. It’s chic, understated, and formal– what bride wouldn’t want that for her guests? I had a couple people ask me before my big day whether it was okay to wear black, and my answer was the same as when my man popped the question:


(Also, this widget one has a scroll bar.)

Fun Formal Florals

Because what’s more romantic than flowers?

Fall-Specific Tones and Fabrics

Oxblood, velvet and mustard are perfect ways to make your outfit a little more fall or winter ready! I don’t necessarily think you HAVE to wear a “fall color” to a fall wedding, but I am pretty partial to oxblood, garnet and maroon tones in general. Oh and velvet!




I hope you loved my picks!!!

I’d be down with¬†anything from all the widgets appearing¬†in my closet/jewelry box, but I’d have to say my very favorites are:

  • This dress is such a dream! I love the colors; they remind me a bit of my own wedding colors (minus the purple. and black. okay maybe it’s not super similar lol).
  • Speaking of my wedding, I’ve been thinking of getting the necklace that matches my wedding earrings! Could be a nice addition to the birthday wishlist…
  • This dress would be perfect for a winter wedding– or Christmas!
  • How pretty is this bag? I love that it’s a neutral yet has some intrigue color-wise.
  • These shoes may be a wee bit out of my price range but I’m mildly obsessed… I’m definitely a sky-high-heel-wearing tall girl, but it’s always nice to have a pair or two of amazing flats/low heels as well.

But for now all these items are¬†just on the lust list… Moving was/is expensive, I just bought a flight to St. Louis, AND we’re about to get the¬†plane tickets to Denver for our New Year’s ski vacay! I am SO excited!!

I need to majorly catch you guys up on everything going on right now (especially the reason for the St. Louis trip!), but for now I’m going to call it quits. I¬†need to get ready!!!


xx, Maya