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ASOS’ Bag Game is So Strong Right Now

ASOS bags

{My feature image is a screenshot of part of the widget… Go down to shop! ūüôā }   I think I may be moving in the direction of some shorter posts. My internet marketer Mister always told me that¬†was¬†optimal anyway, but it can be tough since my natural style is more long-winded. Like¬†most English Majors/writers, I JUST LOVE ME SOME WORDS.

Pineapple Tank

Maya UnMarketed | Pineapple Tank

Forever 21 men’s section, we meet again!!! Ever since I grabbed my weird yet awesome gorilla sweatshirt this past winter (here’s an insta of me in it!), I’ve enjoyed perusing the Forever 21 men’s section from time to time. Have you guys ever scooped anything good from there, too?!

Navy Striped Romper

Navy Striped Romper | Maya UnMarketed

I have a question: When did things become “stripe” instead of “striped”? Or “scallop” instead of “scalloped,” etc.? As a lifelong language lover and {recovering} Creature of Habit, I couldn’t¬†help but notice the shift during recent perusals of other blogs and of course online shopping sites. At some point in recent-ish history things became double nouns (“stripe” and “romper”) instead of adjectives followed by nouns (“striped romper”). Or maybe the stripes rebelled against being portrayed in the past tense?!?

Summer Stripes $10 and Under! AND an AMAZING H&M sale!

Summer Stripes Under $10 | Maya UnMarketed

(Image via Forever 21!)¬† Good morning! Sooo funny/awesome story about my post today… When I was writing what was supposed to be today’s post (me in my navy striped Macy’s romper; gonna post that tomorrow), I was going to add an extra widget for “Other Affordable Summer Stripes” but then that widget grew…and grew… and grew some more. So I gave it it’s own post!

Flirty Florals

Flirty Florals | Maya UnMarketed

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Sorry I couldn’t resist using such a circa 2008¬†Seventeen Magazine¬†title. (Is it just me or was everything in all those issues of Cosmo Girl, Teen Vogue,¬†etc. “flirty”?)

Mother/Daughter GNO

Maya UnMarketed | Mother/Daughter GNO

As I’ve gotten older and my mom’s¬†started liking dining out more (she used to not be that big of a foodie but I think I’ve rubbed off on her ūüėČ ) we’ve started enjoying¬†more and more girls’ nights out together!¬†My mother¬†always prioritized being a mom over being a “bestie” when I was younger, and I’m eternally¬†grateful for that. However, now that I’m an adult and all that jazz, it’s fun to have her as a mom AND a bestie!

Beach Rompin’

Maya UnMarketed | Beach Rompin'

Good afternoon¬†and happy Friday! As I mentioned in this post, Stephen and I were recently in St. Petersburg, FL¬†for a wedding. Since both our moms live there, we also¬†got to celebrate an early Mother’s Day!¬†The morning of our “Mother’s Day” (exactly a week before the official day), my mom and I headed to St. Pete beach for a relaxing walk and swim.¬†We grabbed some Dunkin’ Donuts lattes to tide us over until our noon brunch date.

Affordable Workout Wear Wishlist

Forever 21 sports bra, Nike shorts and Saucony shoes

I feel like one of the biggest mental blocks people have when it comes to being healthy and in shape is that it’s “expensive.” We see the trendy organic juice bars on Instagram, we have friends who swear by their $30 per class visits to Soul Cycle, and we are encouraged to think new Lululemon will force us into the gym.

Black and Grey

Black and Grey

If you ask me, every girl needs a pair of Dr. Martens in her closet! Docs have been given a rebellious,¬†nerdy, or even unfashionable rep at times (think The Princess Diaries!) but that has really changed– not that I particularly mind the first two of those three¬†stereotypes anyway! They are a staple in most models’ wardrobes; in fact, one of the VS Angels once even named them one of her closet essentials.