Cherry Consciousness // A Poem

Cherry Consciousness | Maya UnMarketed

I washed myself some cherries
And was struck by how they gleamed crimson in the bowl
Taught and waxy like mahogany.

“Like mahogany,” I thought.
“That’s interesting you’d pick that, since cherry is a wood too.”

You can’t compare cherry to cherry though.

“Perhaps I’m only noticing their beauty because of the cherry emoji,” I thought.

It’s a good one, that emoji. Sullenly sexy. Subtlety suggestive. Cliched yet classic. Used by the instamodel masses but never quite used up…like a joke that’s still funny fifty years later.

“That’s sad if it’s true,” I thought. “Sad if I’m only noticing the cherries’ beauty because of the flat emoji that resides behind my phone screen.”

“It it though?” I nudged myself back. “If emojis are contributing to your appreciation of this moment, is the moment less profound by nature?”

At the end of the day
Every generation thought they were compromising all that was pure
And all that was nostalgic.