Shopbop SALE picks and Extra 25% Code!!

Shopbop Sale | Maya UnMarketed

[Silk Blend Blouse ($25!)]

(Blouse isn’t from Shopbop, I just needed a featured image haha. It came in the mail 2 days ago and I’m obsessed with it!!) 


So you know those people who make things a big deal, even when they don’t need to be?



….. I can be one of those people.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I *should* post about the Shopbop sale, because truth be told, I’ve never purchased anything from Shopbop. Don’t get me wrong, their stuff is totally drool-worthy, but it tends to be above my budget. For example, this black and white dress by Self Portrait makes my eyes glaze over and my heart go pitter-patter! It epitomizes how I see my style: elegant and feminine with a healthy dose of weird. 

But guess what? Not only do they not have my size left, it’s also $388.50.

So yeah… NOT gonna happen.

I want to be true to myself on this blog, so I almost decided against acknowledging the crazy sale going on at Shopbop! Not to mention if you follow other blogs, you’ve probably already seen a couple posts about it.

All that being said, there are tons of absolutely STUNNING items marked down,

AND you can also take an extra 25% off clearance with the code 25EXTRA!!!

When I thought about it further, I decided I needed to share. Shopbop may be above my personal budget most of the time, but I’d totally pay $42 (plus the 25% off, so actually $32ish!) for this pretty cream crochet chambray-trimmed dress or treat myself to the most mirror-selfie-worthy phone case a fashionista can buy (I’ve always drooled over those on insta– and the shoe version too!).

So I decided that in true Maya form, I’d round up the prettiest things at the Shopbop sale for under $45!!!

Don’t forget that the widget has a second page! 😉

Also here are the pricier items that I love!

Some aren’t too bad, like the pretty chambray KENDALL + KYLIE midi dress ($94 marked down from $188– I don’t *keep up* with the Kardashian/Jenner clan religiously but I’ve been loving the KENDALL + KYLIE stuff I’ve seen so far!) or this soft striped off-the-shoulder gem (all sizes left and also comes in oxblood!) for $70.

But some, like the sexiest, chicest most incredible jumpsuit ever (JUST SOLD OUT, but was $625 🙁 ) are definitely still in the “If Only…” price range haha.

Speaking of things selling out, I had better post this now because these pieces are dropping like flies.

(What a horrible simile for such pretty things!)

These items are dropping like your favorite DJ does the beat!

(Nah that sounds like something Phil Dunphy from Modern Family would say when trying to relate to teenagers…)

Dropping like stunning clothes and accessories from the extra 25% off Shopbop sale!

Good enough for me. 😉

xx Maya

p.s. I shopped the Nordstrom Rack sale (posted my picks here), H&M sale (post here) AND grabbed some Forever 21 stuff all in the past 3 weeks (listed buys in yesterday’s post), so I feel like I should personally refrain from this sale, even the more affordable items…

The one thing I’m debating is the phone case I talked about earlier. I’ve admired it for so long and really love Chiara Ferragni. However, not to sound like a fashion victim but I feel like they’ve been *in* for awhile and are maybe getting to be played out…? SO CUTE THOUGH. What do you guys think?